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Recruiter FAQs

Admission Policies

  • Carefully review admission requirements for the prospective program before submitting any applications.  Our policies are clear that applicants must meet certain minimum requirements.
  • Student must formally apply for admission and submit all required application materials.
  • You may contact us if you have a specific question about a student's qualifications or program requirement.
  • No.  Admission is not guaranteed.
  • Even students who are admitted for one term are not guaranteed admission to the same program when they re-apply for a future term.

Undergraduate Freshmen: 12 years Elementary + Secondary Schooling with Average 3.0 GPA or B (Requires certificate of completion of secondary education)

Undergraduate Transfer Student:  Minimum 2.0 GPA required

Graduate: A degree awarded by an accredited university equivalent to a four-year U.S. bachelor degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5 on final two years (3.0 recommended); NOTE: some departments require a higher GPA; check department requirements.


  • TOEFL iBT:  61 or IELTS:  6.0
  • Test scores must be sent to CSUEB directly from the testing company.


  • TOEFL iBT:  80 or IELTS:  6.5 for most majors.
  • Check department requirements for each program as some require higher scores (e.g. MS Economics requires TOEFL 92)
  • Test scores must be sent to CSUEB directly from the testing company.
  • Yes!  Students must meet academic requirements for admission.
  • Students must apply to and attend our Intensive English Program at the American Language Program (ALP) on campus in Hayward until meeting the undergraduate English requirement.
  • Conditional I-20s are issued by ALP along with a conditional admission letter indicating the student will be admitted to a University undergraduate program upon meeting the English language requirement and successful completion of ALP coursework.

No, CSUEB does not offer conditional admission for graduate programs, but we can offer a “Letter of Support” for prospective graduate students who have been admitted to the Pre-Business Analytics or Intensive English Program.  This letter will state that the student has applied to the MSBA (or other graduate) program and has met the minimum academic requirements but an offer of admission cannot be extended until the student obtains the required GMAT and/or IELTS scores.  Though the letter does not guarantee admission, it will confirm that an I-20 has been issued from the American Language Program (ALP) and that the graduate academic department will review the student’s application and make a final determination of admission once GMAT and/or IELTS exam results are available.

No, we complete the evaluation as part of our review of applications.

GRE is required for some programs including Computer Science.  GRE may be accepted in lieu of GMAT for MBA and MS Business Analytics programs.  Check with the individual department for requirements.

If the student has completed high school outside of the U.S., these scores are not required for admission, but if students have taken the tests, they are encouraged to submit the scores, as they may be useful in placing students in appropriate level English and Math courses.

For students graduating from U.S. high schools, SAT/ACT scores are required.

  • All test scores must be sent to CSUEB directly from the testing company. 
  • CSUEB's test center code= 4011
  • If agents have copies of the score reports, please include them in the application packets you submit to CSUEB.  These will be considered unofficial but may be used for initial evaluation.

Students who have met the English requirement for their degree program do not need to apply to Intensive English.  If the student has not met the English requirement, s/he may be conditionally admitted to the American Language Program for an undergraduate program.   Prospective graduate students who do not meet the language requirement must raise their TOEFL/IELTS scores before applying and may study Intensive English through the American Language Program.

For students who HAVE MET our English requirement:

Study in our ESL program is not required.

For students who HAVE NOT MET our English requirement:

Length of study in the American Language Program varies from student-to-student.  It depends on the student's English ability when s/he begins, how quickly s/he learns English, and how hard s/he studies English after arrival.  Students are unable to progress to an academic program until they have met the TOEFL/IELTS requirement and successfully completed their classes in the American Language Program.

For undergraduate and graduate programs direct admission:

International Admissions Office
Tel: (510) 885-7571 

For conditional admission, intensive English and other non-degree programs admission:

American Language Program 
Tel: (510) 885-2358 

Submitting an Application

Intensive English or non-Degree-  see American Language Program (ALP) - Apply Now


  • STEP 1 - Apply Online at Cal State Apply and Pay the Application Fee.        
  • STEP 2 - Print and Complete a Declaration of Finances/Health Insurance Compliance Form and the I-20 Consent Form
  • STEP 3 – Submit the above forms along with a copy of the student's passport, supporting financial documentation (e.g. bank statements) and required academic records (Official Transcripts and degree certificates) in native language with English translation if needed.
  • STEP 4 – Send official TOEFL/IELTS test scores, if required.
    • All test scores must be sent to us directly from the examination company.  Score reports that were issued to students will not be accepted.

 Graduate:  Students must:

  1. Apply for Admission (following same steps as above for undergraduate) And
  2. Submit all materials required for the student's major (such as letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume, GMAT or GRE scores, etc.)  directly to the department.
  • Application forms are only available online through Cal State Apply
  • Supporting documents should be sent by courier to:
California State University, East Bay
International Admissions Office
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd., SF-102
International Admission Office
Hayward, CA 94542

Tel: (510) 885-7571 
  • See question below regarding submission of documents be email.
  • They can be sent via email to, provided they are legible when we print them.  The transcripts/marksheets and degree certificates, if applicable, will be considered unofficial.  If the student meets admission requirements the student will be provisionally admitted.  Provisional Admission means the offer of admission is subject to receipt of official documents and verification of application information.   If you electronically submitted transcripts, the student will need to bring official transcript (with English translations if needed) when arriving at Cal State East Bay.  To be official, transcripts must be an original or photocopy stamped/signed by a school official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, or other government authority. 
  • Any transcript from the US must be official.
  • All test scores must be sent to us directly from the examination company.  Score reports that were issued to students will not be accepted.


  • Students receive a confirmation email immediately after submission of the online application, which will contain a “confirmation number.”  Make note of this CAS number.  A second email will be sent within 14 business days from the date the online application is submitted.  It will indicate what documents need to be submitted to complete the application.
  • After document submission, you can track your shipment to ensure that it has been delivered to our office.  Upon receipt standard processing times will apply.  Our International Admission Office processes items in the order in which they are received.  If a student’s documents are sent at different times, they will be updated separately. 
  • All Cal State East Bay applicants receive a personal NetID approximately 15 days after submitting an application for admission.  Included with the NetID are instructions for setting a password, setting up the student’s Horizon email account, and directions on how to check application status on MyCSUEB.
CSUEB does business according to the terms of recruitment contracts which requires that agencies inform CSUEB that Student’s (complete) Application was submitted to CSUEB no later than 30 business days after Student’s submission. Agencies are expected to include a cover memo on agency letterhead when submitting supporting documents for students and a Consent for Release of Information form is required from each student.  

E-mails from agents or students requesting that they be considered under an agency banner will not be accepted.

Money Matters for Applicants

  • Undergraduate or Graduate:  US$70.  Paying by credit card when Apply for Admission is recommended.  
  • Application fees for Cal State Apply cannot be waived.  
  • Must be paid when the student applies -- even if currency exchange is difficult in your country.
  • If the application fee is not received by the admission deadline, the application for admission may be canceled.
  • Intensive English/non-degree:  A Declaration of Finances is part of the American Language Program (ALP) - Apply Now and must be submitted with ALL applications.   Instructions regarding additional uploading documentation required to verify financial support are on the form.  Students will NOT be considered for admission until the declaration and supporting documents are received.
  • Undergraduate or Graduate:  The Declaration of Finances Form must be submitted for all applicants.  Instructions regarding additional documentation required to verify financial support are on the form. 
  • No enrollment deposit is currently required for international students.  Because tuition fees are based on the number of units of coursework for which the student is enrolled, students typically are billed after registering for classes according to the fee payment deadlines published Registrar Important Dates
  • If desired, students may pay tuition in advance to make it easier to get a visa.  This is not required so the student may choose the amount to pay. Financial Aid
  • Agents should not encourage students to pay tuition in advance unless the student wants to pay.
  • As Cal State East Bay is a public institution, financial aid is not available for international students, but international students are eligible for merit-based scholarships as posted on our Scholarships Portal
  • Some students receive government scholarships from their home country; others use their own funds or family funds. Most students rely on their own or family's savings. Students may be able to find financial aid or scholarships in their home countries or through U.S. organizations in specific fields. Graduate students may be able to find graduate assistantships through some graduate departments.
  • CSUEB students are eligible for limited scholarships available from Study California.

Yes!  A Fee Installment Plan allows students to pay tuition and fees for each term in three installments. To pay with installments, students pay online with MyCSUEB. Be sure to make the first installment payment by the published due date. To learn more about Fee Installment Plan, see the Paying Your Fees.


  • Application fees- non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Refund of Tuition fees- See Student Financial Services
  • Refund of Housing Deposit- when booking housing, students are required to pay a $500 initial payment which is applied to their first month’s rent.  If on-campus housing is full, the initial payment will be credited to the student’s account on MyCSUEB. If the student wishes to cancel the housing contract, they may request a refund of $400 ($100 cancellation fee applies).  The Form to request Cancellation of On-Campus Student Housing is available student housing.
Pay the SEVIS fee by completing Form I-901 online at FMJfee. Keep your receipt as you will need it at your visa interview.  For more information see: ICE I-901 SEVIS Fee

After Students are Admitted

  • Intensive English or Conditional Admission:  Processing time varies dependent upon our current volume of applications.  Conditional admission applications are typically processed 1-2 weeks after receipt of all required documents.   Admitted students receive an admission letter, I-20, and other informational materials from the American Language Program in an admission packet which is mailed by UPS international express mail. 
  • Undergraduate:  Processing times vary depending on the number of applications.  Undergraduate applications are typically processed 2-4 weeks after receipt of all required documents.   Students can check their admission status online by logging into MyCSUEB using their NetID.  Admitted students receive an admission letter, I-20, and other informational materials in an admission packet which is mailed by UPS international express mail.  CSUEB will email the student with the UPS tracking number and their SEVIS number at the time of mailing.
  • Graduate:  May take two months or more depending on the current volume of applications and the academic department the student applies to.  Some departments process applications quickly and some can take much longer.  Since the decision to admit is determined by the academic department, graduate applications cannot be expedited by the International Admissions Office. Students can check their admission status online by logging into MyCSUEB using their NetID.  Admitted students receive an admission letter, I-20, and other informational materials in an admission packet which is mailed by UPS international express mail.  CSUEB will email the student with the UPS tracking number and their SEVIS number at the time of mailing.
ALP-Programs- You may request to defer your application to a future session for an additional $150 application fee.  See: American Language Program (ALP) - Apply Now

Degree Programs-- Students who wish to defer must Apply for Admission again.  Cal State East Bay's application for admission applies only to the term of entry indicated on the application form at the time of submission. If you would like to update the term of entry on your application, simply log back into your saved application stored in Cal State Apply, update your desired term of entry, confirm your address and previously attended institutions are still current, and submit the form with your application fee.  Application fees are not transferable and must be paid for each term you apply for.  Cal State East Bay will then notify you upon receipt of your updated application.

CSUEB Policies for Recruiters

No, we cannot authorize any agent to be our sole representative in a particular city or country.

CSUEB is happy to provide references for agencies with whom we are officially contracted, with whom we have worked for at least one year and who have referred at least five students to our programs.

Two different offices are involved in processing invoices for recruited international students (American Language Program and the International Recruitment & Marketing unit).  If you have sent students to both ALP and the university, you will have to invoice for them separately.

Before any payment can be made, CSUEB must have a signed recruitment contract and an up-to-date Vendor Data Record (VDR) on file for accounting purposes.  If your agency moves to a new location or changes banks, we will need an updated VDR form.

How to Claim your Referral Fees:

For matriculated students (undergraduate and graduate)

Per our recruitment contract, payment cannot be made until the drop date of the second semester of attendance.  For those enrolling in Fall, this means recruiters can be paid after the drop date for the Spring semester which will be in February.  See our Registrar Important Dates page for exact dates.

Statements of Account will be issued twice each year-- after the drop date each semester. Upon receipt of the Statement of Account from CSUEB, recruiters should review it for accuracy and let us know if you have questions or believe someone may have been omitted.  If all is correct and complete, recruitment contractors are expected to submit an invoice on the agency’s letterhead within 90 days that contains the following information:

  1. The amount due to the agency for each Student; Student’s family and given name as it appears on their CSUEB application; Student’s Date of Birth; and the degree program in which the student is enrolled;
  2. The address (for payment), telephone, fax and email details of the agency;
  3. An invoice or reference number;
  4. Bank transfer details including the Beneficiary’s name, address and account number and Beneficiary Bank’s name address and ABA number of SWIFT code as well as any applicable Intermediary bank information;
  5. Any additional related information requested by CSUEB.

It is not necessary to create a separate invoice for each student. See sample invoice in our International Recruitment Contractor's Handbook.  Under no circumstance will any invoice be accepted more than one calendar year after receipt of a Statement of Account.

For non-degree students enrolled in the American Language Program

Statements of Account will be issued up to five times per year (ALP offers 5 8-week sessions annually).  Per our recruitment contract, the resolution of account will be done after the third week of classes of each academic program offered on a semester or 8-week session format. CSUEB will confirm the number of students covered by the terms of the agreement and issue a Statement of Account & request an invoice from recruiters after the third week of classes.  All invoices must be received by the ALP office prior to the end of each semester or 8-week ALP session.  No payments will be made after the end of the semester or 8-week session.  Refer to invoice instructions above.

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