Policies and Procedures

The Recreation and Wellness Center at California State University, East Bay (CSU East Bay) offers a variety of membership options for CSU East Bay students, faculty and staff, alumni and community members. Many currently enrolled students receive access to the RAW through their tuition. A physical Bay Card/Photo ID/Passport OR a Digital Baycard or the RAW Member App Digital Barcode is required for facility access and usage.

For entry, members must also have a photo ID on file with their RAW Membership profile in our Member Management software system. 

Members and guests participate in all programs at their own risk and are encouraged to consult a physician and obtain adequate health/accident insurance prior to participating in any physical activity.

No one under the age of eighteen (18) is permitted in the RAW except:

  • Currently enrolled CSU East Bay students.
  • Participants in pre-approved and supervised RAW or University programs as determined by the Director of the Recreation and Wellness Center (e.g. Athletics Summer Day Camps). 
  • Guests accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for tours on special event days (e.g. Preview Day and Orientation).

Exercise attire appropriate to the activity is required. Shoes (no cleats/spikes) and shirts are required throughout the facility at all times. Closed-toe, tennis shoes are required in all activity areas. Exceptions are made for yoga classes taking place in the fitness studios. 

All RAW members and guests are instructed to enter and exit through the front doors (on the West side of the building) and the turnstiles adjacent to the Front Desk. All other doors are alarmed and should be used as emergency exits only. Passing through any alarmed door is prohibited except during emergency situations. Unauthorized entry into the facility, including sharing Bay Cards/IDs, or assisting in an unauthorized entry will be grounds for immediate removal as well as suspension of facility privileges. Security cameras are in place to monitor access doors and activity areas.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere in the RAW.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted past the turnstiles.
  • Only water in leak-proof, non-breakable containers are permitted in RAW activity areas. Water fountains with bottle fillers are located on the 1st and 2nd floor.
  • Other beverages and food may be consumed in the lobby area just inside the entrance to RAW before checking -in.

Bicycles, electric scooters, and segways are not permitted in the RAW at any time. Bike locks are available to rent at the Front Desk. Bicycle racks are available outside of the entrance to the RAW. Members are encouraged to lock up their bikes etc. there. Skateboards, hoverboards, and folding scooters are permitted provided they are not ridden while in the RAW, and that they are stored properly in a locker or cubby. RAW employees are prohibited to store bikes/scooters/skateboards etc. on behalf of a RAW member. 

Cell phones may be used in the lobby, lounge, and corridor areas only. Under no circumstances may cell phones be used in any locker room or restroom facility. RAW electrical outlets may not be used to charge cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices. Members are invited to use the charging station in the wellness lounge for their device charging needs. 

Cameras of any kind (e.g. camera phones, photo and video) are prohibited in all areas of the RAW without written permission from the Director of the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Gym bags, duffle bags, back packs and purses are not permitted in any RAW activity area. Members have the option of storing their belongings in the day use lockers provided, and/or the various cubbies found in activity areas. Facility walkways, corridors and paths must remain clear of all personal belongings (e.g. water bottles and personal music players). Recreation and Wellness Services, and its partners, are not responsible for lost or stolen items. RAW employees are not allowed to store items on behalf of members behind any desks or employee areas.

Complimentary day-use lockers are available in the Locker Rooms to secure belongings and must be emptied daily before the facility closes. Any items left in a locker after closing will be removed and turned in to the Equipment Rental desk. Abandoned items will be considered Lost and Found and handled according to the RAW's Lost and Found policies and processes. Recreation and Wellness Services is not responsible for any items left in day-use lockers after closing.

Padlocks are available for purchase ($5) at the Front Desk. Padlocks are also available for rent at Equipment Rental for daily use inside the RAW.  

Recreation and Wellness Services is not responsible for items left behind by members. Items left at the RAW, or at RAW program sites, may be turned in to the Front Desk or Equipment Rental Desk.

Items determined to be of value (i.e. wallets, cell phones, computers, passports, BayCards, etc.) are taken to the University Police Department daily. Please contact the University Police in person or call (510) 885-3791 to inquire. Once a week, all remaining articles are taken from the RAW lost and found bin and disposed of. Lost BayCards are taken to the Cashier’s Office in the Student Administration building (SA1200). 

Hazardous or perishable items are DISCARDED IMMEDIATELY.

When participating in physical activities in the RAW, towel usage is required. Complimentary, day-use fitness towels are available at the Equipment Rental counter and in the Fitness Center. Larger, bath towels are also available to checkout at Equipment Rental.

To help maintain a clean and healthy environment, sanitation stations stocked with equipment cleaner and small cleaning towels are available throughout the facility. Members are encouraged to wipe down all equipment and surfaces with equipment cleaner before and after use. Sanitation stations are also equipped with hand sanitizer for member convenience.

RAW staff will provide first response to all facility situations. For minor injuries, first aid supplies are available at Equipment Rental. Report any injuries sustained in the RAW to a staff person immediately. Also report any hazardous situation, broken/inoperable equipment, or other potential problems to the staff.

UPD Safety Escort Service is also available for free at any time. Simply call UPD, (510) 885-3791 (there are also call boxes in parking lots that have blue flashing lights above them) they are available 24/7.

Members are expected to be courteous to other facility users and abide by the following:

  • No spitting on floors or in drinking fountains.
  • Use of obscene or offensive language or images will not be permitted.
  • Harassment of members or staff in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Aggressive verbal or physical attacks towards staff or guests will not be tolerated and University Police will be summoned.

Individuals that engage in any unacceptable or disruptive behavior (as determined by RAW center staff) may have their access to RAW revoked or restricted. Students may be subject to further university disciplinary action.

Possession and consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs is not allowed in the RAW. Students found in possession of alcohol and/or drugs will receive disciplinary sanctions as determined by the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities. Other members may have their access to RAW revoked or restricted as determined by RAW staff.

On September 1, 2017, Cal State East Bay became a completely smoke and tobacco-free campus. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, hookah, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, vape pens and e-cigarettes, are not permitted in or outside any buildings, or in parking areas.

Weapons or firearms of any kind are not permitted.

Lounge areas and other RAW facilities are for activities, socializing, studying and relaxing. Sleeping is not permitted in the RAW save for in the Relaxation Rooms. Resting is also permitted while using the Massage Chairs in the Wellness Lounge. 

Trained service animals are the only animals allowed in the RAW. 

Unauthorized collective activity and/or training in groups (as determined by RAW staff) is not permitted in any activity space without a facility reservation, with the exception of RAW Personal Training. Recognized student groups can request to use space by referring submitting a request form.

Posting materials in the RAW must be submitted to the Front Desk for consideration. Upon approval, materials will be posted by RAW staff for a period not to exceed two (2) weeks time.

Only small, handheld, music players (e.g. iPods) with headsets or headphones are permitted. 

No individual may offer Personal Training (or other related services) without being directly employed by the Recreation and Wellness Center.