Indoor Track

The RAW Center's indoor track consists of a multilane 1/14 mile floating track that is perfect for short runs and warm-ups. Track direction alters each day to reduce wear; please check signage for running direction that day.

Indoor Track Policies and Procedures

Any person(s) using the Track agrees to abide by the following policies and procedures:

  • Direction of travel for the track is posted. Participants must comply for their safety and others.
  • The track is to be used by persons in motion. Please do not stand on the track.
  • Appropriate athletic shoes are required at all times. Spikes, turf shoes, and cleats are prohibited. 
  • Equipment is not permitted to be used on the track at any time. 
  • Slower runners or walkers should use the outside lanes.
  • Activity in groups of four or more people is not permitted.
  • Please do not spit on or throw garbage on the track. Please find a trash can nearby.
  • Stretching and other exercises are permitted in the corners of the track provided those actions do not impede the movement of those who are using the track itself.