Class Descriptions

Reserve your spot online through your RAW Portal or RAW Member App, or check in at the RAW Front Desk.  

Strength & Conditioning

Better, Faster, Stronger: Similar to the physical training our very own intercollegiate Pioneer Student Athletes receive. In this class you will tone, firm and build muscle utilizing an effective combination of weights, cardio and core training! A great class for improving your strength and power capabilities. Class is conducted in a friendly environment with loud lit beats to bust out and sweat. All levels of fitness welcome.  

Circuit Training 

Are you wanting to improve your strength, cardio and power? Do you like variety? Then this class is for you. Work through circuits of sequenced exercises moving from cardio on a spin bike to free weights to plank with each activity designed to improve specific attributes of fitness.

STRIKE (Strength+Bike) 

Not your ordinary spin class. In this class participants will combine spinning with weights and work on and off of the spin bike to promote strong legs, glutes, lungs and core. A fun class, great for all levels of fitness. 

Body Sculpt 

One of our longest running and most popular classes. In this class you will tone, firm, and strengthen using an effective combination of weights, cardio, and core training. With regular attendance in BodySculpt, you will notice positive changes in your physical capability and waistline. 

Boot Camp

High intensity resistance exercise, this class is INTENSE. The rest periods are short and the workout completed at a fast variable pace, based on increasing your time to exertion. You will tone firm and strengthen, with regular attendance to this class you will notice positive changes in your physical capabilities and waistline.


U-Jam is more than a fitness class: it's an exhilarating experience that makes you forget you're working out, seeing students walk out of every class dripping in sweat and glowing with smiles. U-Jam has cultivated a social environment where students feel a sense of community and belonging.


Stretch, Flow and Go. This class is mellow but still challenging as it starts off slow and builds heat through various sequenced poses. This particular yoga class is GREAT for beginners and all levels. A great way to limber, strengthen and de-stress.

Power Yoga 

This yoga class is Athletic and Lively! You will sweat as we flow through our sequenced poses to upbeat music and finish off the class with some highly effective deep tissue stretching. This class is available to all participants and all levels, and is very quick paced with a high  level of twisting, turning, balancing and occasionally going upside down.  

High Intensity Workout 

Are you RAW Enough? Kick up your work out a notches! Incorporate your body weight, fitness equipment, and cardio into a fun and challenging workout offered by our Personal Trainers!

Build a Booty

Build, lift, & shape! This workout targets your legs, thighs, and buns through a high energy workout using body weight and equipment. 

TRX Fitness

Train different and add a new twist to your old exercises with my TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) class. TRX is a suspension training workout that focuses on Strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously . A workout that is for everyone, no matter what fitness level.   

Bring Your Own Buddy

BYOB and get moving! This partner based workout will allow you to meet new people, have fun, and learn how to use equipment from our rental desk.


Zumba® is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music. 

"When students take my class, my goal for them is to feel energized by staying active through dance. Seeing students having fun while dancing reminds me that being active can be easy and fun because everyones danced before. My playlist consists of various genres of music such as: cumbia, merengue, reggaeton, salsa and so much more. Come join our Zumba® Fitness Party!" - Suleima M., RAW Zumba Instructor