Locker Rooms

The Men’s, Women’s, and Universal Locker Rooms are located on the first floor of the Recreation and Wellness Center.

  • Each locker room is outfitted with banks of lockers that vary in height for ease of hanging your clothes or stowing your backpack and books.
  • The Men’s and Women’s locker rooms are outfitted with private shower stalls that close with a door in lieu of a shower curtain.
  • Each locker room also houses an accessible shower stall.
  • The Universal changing room includes a private changing area and a single, private accessible shower stall.  
  • Every shower stall contains a soap pump dispenser for the convenience of RAW members and each locker room is equipped with benches, counter/vanity areas, and multiple mirrors.
  • Hair driers, bath towels, and rental padlocks are available for check out at the Equipment Rental Counter.
  • Combination locks can also be purchased at the Equipment Rental Counter for $5 each.