Drop-In (Informal) and Open Recreation

Court #1 has been reimagined for the time being and features "fitness pods" including dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes, mats, stability balls, strong boxes, and other portable equipment. Court #1 is also equipped with a speed track and tank/sled to provide additional functional training space at the RAW. 

Court #2 is available for Drop-In (Informal) Recreation. RAW members will be able to participate in the activity scheduled on the calendar at that specific time. If no one requests the scheduled activity to be set up, the court will default to first come, first served. If at any time a group wishes to play the sport scheduled during the posted Drop-In Recreation hours for that sport, that sport/request will have priority. 


  1. Requests for equipment set up must be made at least an hour prior to closing.

  2. During scheduled activity time, groups who are participating in the scheduled activity (i.e. badminton) have 45 minutes to play. If they want to keep playing after the conclusion of 45 minutes, they may, until another group requests to use the space to also play badminton. They will then receive a 10 minute notice to wrap up their activity.

Please see the schedule below for the most up-to-date Drop-In (Informal) Recreation schedule.