SCAAlar Appointments

SCAAlar Appointments Program

Currently-enrolled CSUEB students can apply for the privilege of having 4 pre-scheduled weekly appointments in a row, which is an exception to regular SCAA policies. A student who may benefit from participation is one who may have a particular project they are prioritizing, one who desires a set, weekly routine, or one who is committed to incremental progress.

For pre-scheduled, repeat tutoring sessions with the same tutor, students can apply to participate in the SCAAlar Appointments Program. SCAA Coordinators and SCAA Tutors partner with students to individualize support to address long-term and/or short-term goals. Participants commit to one weekly appointment for four weeks with an option to renew for additional time in the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must apply to participate in the SCAAlar program on/by Friday, April 5th for Spring 2024.

SCAAlar Appointments Program FAQs

Students must uphold attendance expectations to continue the privilege of pre-scheduled appointments. Once confirmed, it is expected that paired students/tutors complete a minimum of one appointment per week for four weeks in a row. Missing an appointment may be grounds for dismissal from the program.
After four weeks, SCAAlars can apply for additional time in the program. Students can submit a “renewal” request utilizing the same application form. Please note, all requests are reviewed by SCAA Coordinators and are subject to approval before scheduling.
Students can schedule one appointment at a time (outside of the SCAAlar Appointments Program) through Bay Advisor. Click here to make an appointment.
No nomination is needed, although members of the CSUEB community may recommend participation. Only students should submit the application form (not a counselor/advisor/faculty member on behalf of the student).
Students can have one SCAAlar appointment per week, but are able to make additional one-time appointments and/or visit drop-in tutoring for additional support within a given week.
We suggest coming with long-term and short-term goals. What aspects of your writing would you most like to develop (for example: organization, synthesizing sources, writing succinctly, creating a strong thesis, etc.)? What assignments or topics are coming up that you would like help with? SCAA tutors can help you refine your goals to maximize your academic efforts.