Outdoor Posters and Banners

Posting Guidelines

  • Banners and posters should not exceed 3 x 6 feet. Larger formats must be approved by Student Life and Leadership Programs.
  • Campus-affiliated organizations may post no more than three posters or banners for any one event, activity or program.
  • Only postings announcing and promoting university events, activities and programs are permitted. All other postings are subject to removal.
  • All content must be duplicated in its entirety (and fully accessible by the public) on the university website. The corresponding website must contain the following statement concerning accessibility: “Individuals that require accommodations for this event please contact Accessibility Services by [10 business days prior to event date]. email: as@csueastbay.edu | phone: 510-885-3868.”
  • Posters must be identified with the name of the individual or organization responsible for the event, activity or program. Otherwise, the posting will be subject to removal.
  • Postings must be maintained by the sponsoring group(s) and may not cover or block previously approved/authorized posted materials. Any postings that are not removed within the stated time after the last date of an event will be removed by an authorized university representative and the group or individual responsible for the posting may incur the cost of the posting removal.
  • Organizations may be charged for costs incurred by the removal of banners and posters or repairs to university property due to improper postings.
  • Removal of posters and banners, other than by the posting party or university personnel acting pursuant to their duties, is prohibited unless it announces an event that has passed.
  • Banners and posters written in a language other than English must contain an English translation.
  • University officials may remove and dispose of any posted materials on the campus that do not comply with the established requirements. If a group or individual has multiple infractions of this policy, the group or individual may be denied future posting privileges on the campus.
  • Postings not in compliance with these guidelines will be subject to removal.

How to Reserve Space

To reserve space please come to the Student Life and Leadership Programs Office, located on the second floor of the New University Union (UU 2011). Campus-affiliated organizations may post banners in designated locations on the exterior of university buildings provided that the organization has reserved the location. Banners posted on university buildings may be posted for a maximum of two weeks and only to advertise events for which university approval has been obtained.

Campus-affiliated organizations may reserve a maximum of three spaces per week. Each organization is allowed a maximum of two weeks per quarter for displaying their banners. The sponsoring organization is responsible for placing and removing banners, and for cleaning up any tape or twine used to affix the banner to the building.

Campus-affiliated organizations must reserve space through the University Union in order to hang banners along any of the University Union railings. Consult the University Union banner hanging policy for details.


(Subject to change without notice)

Campus-affiliated organizations must reserve space in order to hang banners in the following approved locations on campus:

  • Music Building: South entrance on the east or west wall
  • Meiklejohn Hall: Railing at north entrance on east or west railing
  • Physical Education and Gym: Main entrance and west wall
  • Science Building — North: 2nd floor railing
  • Science Building — South: 2nd floor railing
  • University Library Stairwell railing above the main entrance to the library
  • Concord Campus: as approved by the Coordinator of Student Affairs