University Naming Convention

Standard/Common Name

Cal State East Bay

“Cal State East Bay” is the most commonly used name for the university and the name by which we would like to be known by the outside world. It is the preferred name for most communications and appropriate for all audiences, both internal and external.

Official/formal name

California State University, East Bay

"California State University, East Bay” is the university’s offcial name. Its use should be restricted to institutional materials or formal documents, such as diplomas, contracts, grant proposals and formal correspondence. When used in text, it should always include the comma after “University” (not a dash). In text with multiple references to the university, the formal name may be used as the first reference and “Cal State East Bay” for all subsequent references.

Use of “The University”

In conversation, correspondence, and written materials in which the university name has been established, we often refer to ourselves as simply “the university.” There is a tendency among institutions to capitalize the word “University” in this context. However, this practice should be discouraged. Unless the word appears as part of our formal name, it should be written with a lowercase “u” as in “the university.”

Use of "East Bay"

The nickname “East Bay” is often used by students (“I go to East Bay”), in athletic coverage (“East Bay topples Sac State”) or in internal communications (“East Bay Today”). While it is certainly acceptable for informal, internal communications, bear in mind that it may be meaningless outside the university community without the “Cal State” context.

Acceptable Abbreviations

With rare exception, abbreviations should not be used as the lead or primary designation for the university.

  • CSUEB often appears on athletic and informal university apparel. Its use in writing should be limited to internal correspondence and communications.
  • EB appears on athletic uniforms and in contexts that promote school spirit. It is generally acceptable for informal use.
  • is the university website URL and email domain. Outside of those applications, “CSU East Bay” should be avoided.

Names to Avoid

  • CSU East Bay
  • Cal State University East Bay
  • East Bay State
  • Cal State Hayward
  • Hayward State
  • "'Cal State East Bay' is the most commonly used name for the university and the name by which we would like to be known by the outside world. "