Visual Identity

Visual Identity Architecture

Consistent application of the university’s visual identity (commonly called the logo or mark) is the cornerstone of a consistent brand. The university’s identity system is limited to just a few variations to make it easy to follow. Proper usage of each of the marks on this page is explained in the sections that follow.

Standard logo

standard logo

The standard logo consists of the Cal State East Bay logotype in the university’s black and red colors. It is a simple, clean, bold and contemporary type treatment that reflects a strong and energetic brand.

This is the primary logo to be used for the majority of applications, including marketing-communications materials and advertising, events and general branding.

Standard Logo Components

standard logo components

The standard logo should always be reproduced exactly as shown, with no alteration to the components or the proportions between them. The mark should not be encroached by text or imagery; it should always have a clear space on all four sides that is at least equivalent to the height of the “East Bay” lettering.

To ensure proper reproduction of the standard logo, please obtain an electronic artwork file in the downloads section. 

Standard Logo Coloring

standard logo coloring

These are the authorized color variations of the standard logo for use in full-color, black and white, and against a black background. No other colors or variations should be used.

Standard Logo Best Practices

bad examples of logo use

The standard logo should always be produced exactly as shown in the "standard logo" section in full-color applications, or within the authorized color variations shown on the preceding pages. Otherwise, coloring, type fonts and proportions of the mark should never be altered, nor should extra words or design elements be added.

University Seal

The university seal is reserved for the Office of the President and official university-wide use, such as with diplomas and academic honors. The university seal should not be used on websites, promotional products, publications or college/department/program events. If you have questions or require use of the university seal, please contact


Square Logo for Social Media and Apps

This logo is formatted to maximize space for square or round formats.


Full Name Wordmark

full name workmark

The full name wordmark has been designed for use in documents that call for the university’s official name. It consists of the official name set in the university’s logotype, rendered in black and red. Its use should be restricted to official documents that require a full name signature. It should not be used for marketing, communications or branding purposes.

To ensure proper reproduction of the standard logo, please obtain an electronic artwork file from University Communications in the downloads section. Do not attempt to recreate the full name wordmark or alter the artwork in any way.

Athletic Applications

EB mark

The EB mark is used on certain team uniforms and is licensed for athletic-related merchandise such as sweatshirts and T-shirts. Its use should be limited to athletic and “school spirit” applications.

Pioneers athletics mark

The athletics program department logo, used with or without the word “Athletics,” is the primary identifier of the university athletics program department. It is to be used in athletics program letterhead and communications.

Pioneers team logos

Team logos are to be used in team letterhead and communications from specific teams. In the color version, “Pioneers” always appears in red. In the black and white version, it appears in black. In both versions, “Cal State East Bay” and the sport name can be either “knocked out” (white against color background) or black.

Contact University Communications with any questions regarding the use of athletic logos at