A-frames (sandwich boards)

Posting Guidelines

An A-frame is a portable, non-illuminated sign used to advertise a location, event or activity on the campus. The A-frame sign should be made of durable, rigid material such as, but not limited to, wood, plastic or metal. To reserve space please come to the Student Life and Leadership Programs Office, located in New University Union (UU 2011).

  • Sign height must not exceed 30 inches from ground level to top of the sign.
  • Signs should not be placed on lawn or shrub areas.
  • Sign placement must not restrict access to sidewalks, building entrances, vehicle pathways or accessibility ramps.
  • Signs may be placed no more than 7 days prior to the event and must be removed within one working day following the event.
  • Only signs announcing and promoting university events, activities and programs are permitted. All other signs are subject to removal.
  • Signs must be identified with the name of the individual or organization responsible for the event, activity or program. Otherwise, the posting will be subject to removal.
  • All content must be duplicated in its entirety (and fully accessible by the public) on the university website. The corresponding website must contain the following statement concerning accessibility: “Individuals that require accommodations for this event please contact Accessibility Services by [10 business days prior to event date]. email: as@csueastbay.edu | phone: 510-885-3868.”
  • Removal of A-frames, other than by the posting party or university personnel acting pursuant to their duties, is prohibited.
  • Content on A-frames written in a language other than English must contain an English translation.
  • Postings not in compliance with these guidelines will be subject to removal.