University Communiqués

All-Mail Communiqué Authority and Responsibility

Each of the university’s cabinet-level executives — the president, vice presidents, chief of staff and university diversity officer — and their offices or designees are authorized to issue university-wide e-mail, also known as “all-mail” messages. With this authority, they are responsible for creating and issuing communiqués, which are official, university-wide announcements and statements communicating important, urgent or material changes, developments, or policies in their respective areas. In addition, the Office of University Communications and Marketing is also authorized to issue communiqués that cover topics and announcements transcending the scope of responsibility of any one university cabinet-level department, such as emergency communications issued in conjunction with the Office of the President.

All-Mail Authoring and Issuance

Cabinet-level university executives may designate specific staff to create and send all-mail communiqués on their behalf by submitting an Information and Technology Services Service Desk Request at, to grant authorization to access the Cascade Server CMS and send email to the all-mail list. University policy requires the addition of the author and/or sender's initials to the bottom of each communiqué message to ensure an adequate electronic paper trail.


To obtain a communiqué template for the following offices and departments, please contact the Office of University Communications and Marketing.

  • Academic Affairs
  • Administration and Finance
  • Information Technology Services
  • Student Affairs
  • President's Office
  • University Advancement
  • University Communications and Marketing
  • Joint Administration & Finance and University Advancement Announcements

Technical Assistance and Questions

For technical assistance, submit an Information and Technology Services Service Desk Request at For additional Communiqués guidance and policy information, please contact the Office of University Communications and Marketing.