DAR - Your Transfer Credit Evaluation

CSU Academic Advisement Report (DAR)

At CSUEB, the degree audit report is called a “DAR” - CSU Academic Advisement Report. It shows how your transferrable courses apply to your General Education (GE) requirements. GE requirements will be based on the catalog year in effect at the time of your admission to CSUEB. If you would like to discuss your eligibility for other catalog years, consult an academic advisor.

The DAR may not include major requirements. Any transferrable courses that would apply to your major’s requirements will be completed by your academic department.

Timeline for Completion

All new transfer students receive a transfer credit evaluation from the Office of the Registrar within their first two terms of attendance. It is emailed to the CSUEB Horizon e-mail account. Until you receive your transfer credit evaluation, on the MyCSUEB “To Do List” there is a checklist item of “GE Evaluation Status.” This item does not require any action by the student and does not affect admission to the University. It will be changed from “Initiated” to “Notified” once the transfer credit evaluation has been completed and e-mailed you.

How to Access/Understand Your DAR

Inside the MyCSUEB Student Center, access your DAR in the Academics section by selecting the “Academic Requirements Report” drop down item. This will show you how course credits completed at another institution applied to your CSUEB General Education requirements and how you are progressing toward your academic requirements at CSUEB.

If you have any questions on how to understand this report, consult an academic advisor in Academic Advising and Career Education.

It is suggested you periodically run this report to see how you are progressing toward your degree. Be sure to subtract any remedial English and math units from your unofficial transcript since the transcript will sometimes include these non-degree applicable courses that will not count toward your required units.