Special Program Registration Procedures

The Open University program allows for enrollment in individual Cal State East Bay undergraduate and graduate classes, on a space-available basis, without the formal University admission process. Registration is easy and the fees are assessed per unit, whether you are a California resident, out-of-state student, or international visitor. Visit Open University for more information, including enrollment fees, and the link to the online application. The application must be completed by the deadline for each term of attendance in the Open University program. Students who are matriculated in a degree program at Cal State East Bay are not permitted to take classes through Open University.

For more information and course credit limits, see the What changes can students make in their enrollment status?

Students may audit a class but not be responsible for exams or term papers. Once enrolled in a course, a student may request to attend as an auditor. An auditor pays the same fees and enjoys the same instructional privileges as a student enrolled for credit, but is not responsible for exams or term papers. Regular class attendance is expected. To audit a class, you must obtain permission from the instructor of the course and use the Request for Audit Grade Form (pdf). For complete details and policies regarding course audits, see the What changes can students make in their enrollment status?

Program Suspended: Effective with fall 2018 admission Cal State East Bay is unable to accept new admission applications to the Over Sixty Program. Those students already enrolled in the Over Sixty Program, however, may continue enrollment in this program through the completion of their degree requirements and graduation. Please note that students who fail to enroll for three quarters (or 2 semesters starting fall 2018) will be discontinued and will be ineligible to apply for readmission to the Over Sixty Program, but may still reapply for regular admission to Cal State East Bay.

Continuing students already enrolled in the Over Sixty Program will be assessed the reduced fees as long as you remain a continuing student at Cal State East Bay. Students in this program who have disabilities should contact the Student Disability Resource Center at (510) 885-3868 for assistance with accommodations. If you are receiving any type of financial aid, check with your financial aid advisor to ensure you are eligible for this program.

Students now have access to more fully online courses at another CSU. To participate in this program, you must have:

  • Completed at least one semester at a CSU campus as a matriculated student in a state-supported program and earned at least 12 units at that campus. Incoming transfer students will not need to meet the 12 earned units and are eligible to enroll their first semester provided all other criteria are met.
  • Earned at least a 2.0 GPA at East Bay
  • Enrolled at East Bay during the period of concurrent enrollment, and
  • Paid tuition fees as a full-time student

To learn more about this program, the courses offered, and to apply, see CSU Fully Online. Students should consult with an academic advisor or academic evaluator to determine if the course(s) will apply to degree requirements. One course per term is permitted as part of the CSU Fully Online Course Cross-Campus Enrollment program, and students may only select classes from another semester campus (quarter campus courses are not applicable).

The CSU Fully Online program is only available for spring and fall semesters, and is not available for summer session.

To request enrollment in the CSU Fully Online program, select the "Manage Classes" tile on MyCSUEB and then select "CSU Fully Online".

Spring 2024 enrollment is available beginning Dec. 15, 2023, and closes for Cal State East Bay students on Jan. 22, 2024, regardless of the dates listed for other institutions (due to different spring semester start dates).

CSU Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment allows matriculated CSU students in good standing to enroll at both a home CSU campus and a host CSU campus during the same term. If application is approved, student will pay fees at Home campus only. 

CSU Intrasystem Visitor Enrollment allows matriculated students in good standing to not enroll at their home campus but instead register as a Visitor for one term at a host CSU. Student will pay fees directly to Host campus. 

Students interested in participating should contact the Registrar's Office for information on eligibility requirements, limitations, and other privileges or restrictions. Participants at Cal State East Bay must submit an Application for Intrasystem Concurrent or Visitor Enrollment. Review the complete details on the application form.

Cross Enrollment allows students attending a California community college who are in good academic standing to take one course per term at CSUEB on a space available basis. If the application is approved, student will pay fees at Home campus only. Students interested in participating should contact the Registrar's Office at their home campus to begin the Cross Enrollment Application process.

CSUEB students can also submit a Cross Enrollment Application (pdf) to take a course at a community college listed on the application as long as they are enrolled in 6 units at CSUEB for the same term.

Enrollment in lower division courses at CSUEB which are offered by the home campus at any time during the academic year are not permitted under this program.

Cross enrollment is only available for spring and fall semesters, and is not available for summer session.

As of Fall 2018 semester, courses numbered 490 or 690 are Independent Study courses, above and beyond the regular offerings of a department. These are normally open only to advanced students capable of working with minimal supervision.

An Individual Study course is a regular course, listed in the Catalog, not being offered during the term in which a student must gain credit to complete a specified objective. Courses offered during the current semester normally may not be taught on an Individual Study basis.

Courses numbered 693 are Project courses, which are required or elective for some graduate degree programs. Courses numbered 699 and 691 require submission of a Departmental Theses (699) or a University Thesis (691). To take any of these courses, you must find an instructor who is willing and able to work with you on an individual basis.

You cannot enroll for these courses through MyCSUEB. To enroll, pay all the fees necessary to enroll at the University (including the Late Enrollment Fee, if applicable). Obtain a Special Registration Petition from the department office, secure the required signatures of approval, and return the form to the department office during the first week of classes. The Special Registration Petition and Special Registration Petition Addendum forms are also available to download and print.

Undergraduate students who wish to pursue an Interdisciplinary Studies Major must have a minimum cumulative and CSUEB GPA of 2.50, have completed 40 semester units (60 quarter units), and have at least 40 more semester units to complete for the degree, including at least 27 more semester units to complete for the major. Students must write a program proposal in order to be considered for the major. To obtain more information about this program, or to determine the status of your proposal after submission, email aps@csueastbay.edu.

A Cooperative Education course (398, 498 or 698) allows eligible students to earn degree credit while working in a paid or volunteer job related to their major and/or career goal. Co-op Ed classes are not applicable to G.E. requirements.

To participate in a Co-op Ed course, you must be enrolled as a regular student in the University, have earned at least a 2.0 GPA if you are an undergraduate, and a 3.0 GPA if you are a graduate student; not be on probation; and satisfy the requirements of the academic department.

Pick up a Cooperative Education Agreement form at the Cooperative Education Office and obtain the necessary approvals. Before enrolling in the course, you must contact the Cooperative Education Office located in the Student Services and Administration (SA) Building Suite 2300 or, call (510) 885-3621, and you must have obtained a Co-op job. It is your responsibility to enroll in the Co-op course. To enroll in the course, use MyCSUEB.

Non-residents students are encouraged to meet with an advisor before enrolling in a Co-op Ed course. For more information on Co-op Ed., visit the Career Development Website.

Some programs at Cal State East Bay have registration procedures that differ from the regular course registration. These include Open University, Auditing Classes, The Over Sixty Program, CSU Concurrent and Visitor Enrollment, Intersystem Visitor & Cross Registration, and Veterans Benefits.