Registering for Classes

The Office of the Registrar processes your class registration. Adding courses, dropping courses, withdrawing from courses, being placed on a waitlist, and verifying your classes are important steps that may impact your registration.

Adding Courses

You may add courses during your appointed enrollment time, the Open Enrollment period, or during the Late Registration period either by using MyCSUEB, or by contacting the appropriate academic department office if you need assistance with a particular class. You may also add classes during the Late Add period with consent of the instructor and department. You have the right to add classes during the Add periods, subject to your having successfully completed the prerequisites (coursework and/or consent of instructor as stated in the Catalog) and to the availability of sufficient capacity in the class to accommodate you. Official policy information about adding a course can be found in the University Catalog.

If you want more information on how to enroll, there are tutorials available on the MyCSUEB Help page.


Permission Numbers

All students enrolling during the late add period, (beginning the seventh instructional day of the term), must obtain permission numbers from the academic department offering the course. These permission numbers will provide students with the department consent necessary to enroll. It will be up to each individual department to determine if the department office or the instructor will distribute these permission numbers.

Permission numbers will NOT override class capacity and course requisites/prerequisites and enrollment capacities, and prerequisites/requisites will continue to be enforced. Also, students should keep in mind that permission numbers are randomly generated, so the permission number that a student is given does not affect the student’s ability to enroll and/or the order in which they can enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

The information below is for students that have not enrolled at Cal State East Bay for up to two consecutive semesters (not including summer) and are still eligible to enroll. We encourage you to return to Cal State East Bay and resume your studies.


Thinking about continuing your education at Cal State East Bay? You’re not alone. Many students are looking to refresh their existing skills and credentials or gain new ones in this changing environment. As an active student, the process is straight-forward for you. Simply go to MyCSUEB to view the class schedule and register for classes. Fall 2022 classes begin on August 17, 2022, and you can find all important dates online.


If you are unable to register, you may have a hold on your account. Check your "To Do List" in MyCSUEB for more information.  


When you have completed registration, your fees will be billed to your financial account in MyCSUEB. Tuition and fees for Fall 2022 are not due until July 19, even if you register now, and payment plans are available. For more information about when and how to pay fees, visit the Student Financial Services website.


If you're not sure what classes to take, we strongly recommend that you seek academic advising from your department advisors. If you don't know who your advisor is, please write

No. During the Late Add Period, all class sections will require a permission number to enroll. For a list of important dates by term visit: Important Dates

Permission numbers can be obtained from the instructor or department offering the course. For contact information visit Staff Dir

No. Each permission number is good for one transaction request by a single student.

Yes. Swapping requires a drop from one section and enrollment in another. A permission number will be required for the class section you wish to add.

No, an Open University student cannot enroll without a permission number.

No a permission number doesn't guarantee enrollment in a class. Permission numbers do not override class limits. If the class is full, the student should add their name to a waitlist if a waitlist is available and contact the department offering the course.

No a permission number cannot override a prerequisite/requisite. If the class section has math or English proficiency required, the system will not allow a student to enroll or to be placed on a waitlist.

No, students may not share their permission number with anyone else. Such an action is a violation of the Standards for Student Conduct. The Standards for Student Conduct are found online at Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities. Sanctions for violation(s) of the Standards for Student Conduct, are listed in Executive Order 1043 (, and include disciplinary probation, which is noted on student records for the term of probation, educational and remedial sanctions, as well as suspension and expulsion.

Dropping Courses

The term "drop" refers to official deletion of a course from your record. If you cannot continue enrollment in a course for which you have enrolled for a particular term, you must officially drop the course using MyCSUEB. You may drop courses through the end of the Drop period without the course appearing on your permanent record. After the Drop period, students may only withdraw from courses prior to the seventh week withdrawal deadline. Check for complete official policy information about dropping a course in the University Catalog.

Withdrawing From A Course

Withdrawing from a course refers to official termination of enrollment in a class after the Add period. You cannot "drop" a class after the end of the Add period, but you can "withdraw." You can withdraw from a class only for serious health or personal problems beyond your control. If you withdraw from a class, the class will appear on your record with a grade of "W."

After the Late Add period has ended, you will be permitted to withdraw from courses by printing the downloadable "Withdrawal" form. On the form, state the reason for the withdrawal, obtain approvals of the instructor and department chair, and return the completed form to the first floor of the Student Services and Administration Building (SA) on the Hayward Campus or the Academic Services Office on the Concord Campus. The Concord Campus Academic Services may approve Withdrawals for courses offered at Concord.

For complete official policy information and other details concerning Withdrawals, or Withdrawing from the University entirely, see the University Catalog.


If a course is full when you attempt to register, you may have the option of placing your name on a waitlist for that class. If openings become available, you will be added to the class and notified by the University via your Horizon student e-mail account. Departments may also enroll students from the waitlist if space becomes available. Students are responsible for the fees and grade for all classes in which they are enrolled from the waitlist. There is also no guarantee of enrollment from a waitlist, as enrollment depends on space availability, and students will not be added from the waitlist if any of the following circumstances exist:

  • Time conflict with another course
  • Already in the course but in a different section
  • Course would exceed the maximum allowable units for enrollment

All enrollment must be completed by the end of the Late Add deadline for the term. For important dates and deadlines regarding enrollment, please visit the Important Dates page.

Verifying Your Classes

You may verify your classes in MyCSUEB during the registration process to find out if you have received entry into the classes you have selected. Be sure to review the classes for course days and times, locations and other details, or to find out if you have been placed on a waitlist or hold list. You will be held financially responsible for all classes in which you are enrolled at the end of the Late Add period.

Fee Payment Deadline

Students must pay their fees by the fee payment deadline for each term or be subject to disenrollment of classes. See the Important Dates page for fee payment deadlines.

Late Registration

If you enroll in classes during the late registration or late add periods, you will be charged an additional $25 late fee. Any new fees incurred after the first payment deadline must be paid by the next payment deadline or your enrolled and waitlisted courses are subject to cancellation. Please visit the Important Dates page for all payment deadlines.


If you have questions about your enrollment, call (510) 885-2784 or e-mail For questions about paying your fees, contact the Accounting Office at (510) 885-3767.