Transfer Credit

As a new transfer student, the Office of Admission will upload your coursework to MyCSUEB. You will receive a General Education evaluation from the Office of the Registrar within your first semester at CSUEB. All GE-breadth agreements will be honored and every attempt will be made to follow GE lists from other CSU campuses. Students with out-of-state or private coursework will have descriptions/syllabi of their coursework evaluated against CSU GE-breadth learning outcomes

Your "GE Transfer Credit Evaluation Status" at the top of your Degree Audit Report (DAR) will remain "Not Yet Reviewed" until the Office of the Registrar has verified that all coursework is pulling into the GE sections appropriately. Since major requirements are independent of your general education evaluation, you may see a faculty advisor in your department at any time; your department has full jurisdiction over how your transfer work is applied towards meeting major requirements. 

For information on how to access and interpret your Degree Audit Report, view our How to Access Your DAR handout.

University Writing Skills Requirement (UWSR)

Students who have completed 90 units are required to begins steps to satisfy the UWSR as soon as possible. Delaying this requirement may jeopardize your ability to graduate in a timely fashion. For further information, please visit


The Office of the Registrar will complete General Education evaluations (Degree Audit Report) for students after admission to the university. E-mail for more information.

The Office of Admission reviews admission applications and gives admitted students the ability to enroll in classes. E-mail for more information.

The International Admission Office reviews admission applications and completes transfer credit evaluations for students who have transcripts from outside of the United States. E-mail for more information.

Be sure to consult an academic advisor. View a list of academic advising departments to find your advisor.