Students cannot "drop" after the end of the Add/Drop period, but they can "withdraw" until the twelfth (12th) week of the semester. The word "withdrawal" refers to official termination of enrollment in a class after the Add/Drop period. Students can withdraw from a class only for serious health or personal problems beyond their control. If they withdraw from a class, the class will appear on their record with a grade of "W."

To withdraw from individual courses, submit a Withdrawal Form located on the MyCompass forms page.   Once submitted the form will electronically route to the instructor for approval, and then to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Students can track the status of their form by selecting the 'Submitted Forms' tab in MyCompass forms page.

A withdrawal may not automatically result in a fee refund. Students should consult with Student Financial Services for any questions about fee refunds related to withdrawing from classes. If you are receiving financial aid, be sure to consult with a counselor in the Office of Financial Aid as some types of aid must be repaid in the event of a withdrawal.

Deadlines for all withdrawals can be found under "Important Dates" on the University website. The deadline for withdrawing from a shorter session, including summer or winter, is different than the semester deadline and students should consult the website for all deadline dates.

If the withdrawal is approved, the class will appear on your record with a grade of "W".

Students that are considering withdrawing from the term should be advised that Cal State East Bay has a variety of campus resources that may be helpful, including counseling services, tutoring, financial aid and much more.

For more information regarding withdrawals review the complete policy in the University Catalog.