Concentration Flyers and Checksheets

The concentration flyer/checksheet document is a tool you can use to determine the series of courses you need to take to complete an undergraduate biology degree here at CSUEB. Feel free to use the concentration flyer/checksheet documents provided here to help you:

  • decide whether or not you would like to add a biology minor to your degree;
  • compare and contrast the degree requirements for the B.S. degree concentrations available under semesters;
  • plan out the course requirements for a B.S. or a B.A. degree;

For course planning purposes, once you have selected a concentration of interest, you may find that using the semester concentration flyer/checksheet document in conjunction with the relevant semester roadmap to be helpful.

The concentration flyer/checksheet for the B.A., B.S., and minor degrees in Biological Sciences under semesters are as follows: