Bay Advisor

The faculty in the Department of Public Health use Bay Advisor to schedule advising appointments and keep a log of advising meetings with students – these notes are also available to students in Bay Advisor so that students can go back and check what was discussed during an appointment. Below is a document to provide an overview of Bay Advisor and a link for access.

Who is my Public Health faculty advisor?

Log on to Bay Advisor. Click the tab ‘Send a Message’ – listed here are your advisors and professors for the courses you are currently enrolled in.

You will see 'name and ‘relationship’ listed under actions. This will show you the name of the faculty and an indication that they are your advisor - other faculty you have classes with will be listed as 'Professor' (Course Name). In some cases, you may have multiple advisors - check the PH faculty directory to correctly identify your Public Health Faculty Advisor.

Instructions on how to send a message, access student notes and make an appointment are in the guide above.