Knowledge Base

Health Sciences Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a directory of information for Faculty and Staff in the Department of Health Sciences and is the Department’s handbook and faculty handbook.

The Knowledge Base contains information regarding department objectives, Health Sciences chartfield codes, Health Sciences bylaws, program learning objectives, guidelines for professional achievement (RTP), and a number of other policies and procedures. Health Sciences staff and faculty should refer to the Knowledge Base for questions and concerns about policy and procedure. The knowledge base also contains a glossary and other articles on relevant topics. The Health Sciences knowledge base is in addition to state, local, federal, and university rules.

If you have a question regarding the Department of Health Sciences policies or procedures – it is in the Knowledge Base. If a topic is not there, contact the Chair.

Knowledge Base – you will need to log on with your NetID to view the Department of Health Sciences knowledge base. If you log in and do not have access, please contact the Health Sciences office.