Community Partners

Paper dolls holding hands standing on grass

The Department of Public Health at Cal State East Bay is a large and vibrant community of students, faculty, health professionals, and health organizations all working together to improve the health of the people who live in the Bay Area and California. Our mission is to provide students with an education that prepares them to work in fields that seek to improve human health—e.g., public health, medicine, health policy, environmental health.  In addition to a fundamental understanding of human health, we provide our students with an experience that emphasizes teamwork, judgment, problem-solving, and ethics.

Our department focuses on public health, health policy, and environmental health, with a particular emphasis on climate change and human health. We also emphasize practice that prioritizes health equity and solidarity as core principles. Students work together in our curriculum in a mixture of large and small classes and will work closely with community partners in their senior classes on real-world problems in public health.  

Our faculty, students, and partners also participate in ‘service learning’, which is a teaching method that promotes student success through active participation in meaningful and planned learning experiences in the community that contribute to the public good and are directly related to course content. We provide this in our problem-based learning (PBL) courses.

Some of our current partners include:

  • Alameda County Public Health Department
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • California Department of Public Health