Degrees and Programs

At Cal State East Bay students who choose a major in the Department of Public Health can choose one of three concentrations – Public Health, Health Policy, or General Health Sciences. All majors in the Department of Public Health will ultimately receive a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Sciences, regardless of concentration.

Public Health, B.S.
An undergraduate degree in Public Health provides students with foundational competencies in public health concepts, theories, and practical experience. Students will develop and apply knowledge from multiple disciplines to improve and promote health in populations.

Health Sciences, B.S., Health Policy Concentration
An undergraduate degree in the health policy concentration is designed to help students develop knowledge of the health sector, including current policies and trends in healthcare, public health, and health policies in addition to providing basic competencies in public health.

Health Sciences, B.S. (general, no concentration)
An undergraduate degree in general health sciences gives students the core foundation of knowledge in disciplines related to the delivery of health care. Many students who want to pursue further training as clinicians (doctor, nurse, physical therapist, and others) may choose this pathway.

In each pathway, students will learn strong interpersonal communication and team-working skills, employ evidence-based practice, develop and evaluate programs related to health, understand health care systems, and recognize and reduce health issues in a multicultural society.