Advising and Information for Students

Getting Started

Steps to get ready for classes

This presentation will walk you through the steps you need to take to get signed up for Zoom and Slack; access the tools and software you need; and be ready for classes.


I need help. Who can I contact?

Start here for access to resources on campus.

Introduction to the Library

The library has created a Library 101 to introduce you to the library's services during the pandemic, how to access resources, and what is open and closed. This includes information about scheduling a study space in the Learning Commons.

Academic Advising

In the Department of Public Health students have three advising resources available to them.

Students who are not yet majors in the Department of Public Health or who are undeclared interest in nursing (“pre-nursing”) should contact the College of Science Student Service Center.

Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) is a one-stop center for both academic advising and career development assistance. AACE counselors advise on:

General education (GE) requirements
University graduation requirements
Major exploration
General academic advising
General career questions

Location: 2nd Floor, Student Service and Administration Building
Visit, Call (510) 885-3621, or email AACE to see the services they offer.

The College of Science Student Service Center (SSC) provides comprehensive major advising including:

Major/minor requirements,
Planning classes
Graduation checks
Lower-division course articulations (transfer courses from other colleges)
Any other college of science-specific questions

Location: North Science Building, 1st Floor, Room 143.
Visit, Call (510) 885-4046, or email for an appointment. Drop-ins also available, visit the College of Science SSC web site for details.
Public Health faculty advisors provide major advising to Public Health students with a focus on career planning. Majors in the Department of Public Health are encouraged to meet with their Faculty Advisor regularly – this is valuable time where you can get helpful suggestions and information regarding classes, research, and future career opportunities. Getting to know the Public Health full-time faculty is important for networking, requesting letters of recommendation and making a career plan.

You can log on to BayAdvisor to find your assigned Public Health faculty advisor. If you are a declared major in the Department of Public Health and do not have an assigned faculty advisor listed on Bay Advisor, please contact the College of Science SSC

Faculty Office Hours and Appointments
The Public Health faculty use a variety of ways to schedule advising appointments. Faculty also have weekly drop-in office hours. Information on how to see who your faculty advisor is and office hours can be found here.

Degree Audit Report (DAR)

Your Degree Audit Report (DAR) is an individualized report that lists your progress towards completion of all your General Education (GE), major, and degree requirements. It is a great tool to see your progress and staying on track for graduation. You can access your DAR through MyCSUEB. Please watch the video below on how to access your DAR and understand the important parts of your DAR.