Concentration in Environmental Health

The Department of Public Health and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Cal State East Bay will be offering an Environmental Science, B.S. with Environmental Health Concentration.

The Environmental Health concentration focuses on environmental hazards impacting human health (toxic and hazardous substances, physical and biological hazards, etc.). This pathway prepares students for employment as a Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) in the State of California (accreditation pending).

You may know REHS’s as Health Inspectors or Sanitarians, but they provide a range of services to improve the quality of life and health through environmental education, consultation, and protection. Typical duties of an REHS include inspections of various facilities such as food establishments, public swimming pools, community drinking water systems, landfills, and underground storage tanks in order to determine compliance with federal, state, and local statutes, regulations, and ordinances. Although a majority of REHS’s work for the government, many are also employed by the private sector.

California State University, East Bay will be the only University in Northern California that will have a State-approved Environmental Health program!

For more information on California’s Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) Program please visit the California Department of Public Health REHS website.

This concentration is particularly designed for students entering Cal State East Bay as freshmen, though transfer students are eligible.

For more information please contact Professor Michael Schmeltz