Major Advising

There are three advising resources for Health Sciences.

Academic Advising and Career Education

Academic Advising and Career Education provides general advising, IAPs for GE requirements, GE advising, and general career advising and information.

College of Science Student Service Center

The College of Science Student Service Center provides basic major advising including: college-specific questions, and graduation checks, and lower-division course articulations. They are located at:

North Science Building, 1st Floor, Room 143
(510) 885-4046
College of Science-Student Service Center


Health Sciences Faculty Advisors

Health Sciences faculty advisors provide major advising to Health Sciences students with a focus on career planning.  Log on to BayAdvisor to find your assigned faculty advisor. If you do not have an assigned faculty advisor listed on Bay Advisor, please contact the HSC office.

Faculty Office Hours and Appointments

Faculty office hours are by appointment and as drop in. We strongly urge you to make an appointment before seeing your advisor. Office hours and appointment links are located in the Faculty Profiles.