Climate Change & Health

Climate change is the most important public health issue of our time. It is also a public health emergency. Mounting scientific evidence has demonstrated how climate change impacts human health, water, food, economy, infrastructure, and security.

The Department of Health Sciences emphasizes the importance of understanding human health in the context of the climate crisis. In our core courses, students explore human health, public health, and health policy while understanding how climate change affects human health; how mitigation policies can be used to improve human health; and how adaptation policies might affect health.

We have a number of faculty who work on climate change & health and we are always looking for opportunities to grow and collaborate with others. Please see our Community section or Faculty profiles to learn more about our work and opportunities to collaborate.

Climate change impacts almost every aspect of our lives. Our students will learn the fundamentals of public health and understand how climate change intersects with current public health issues, preparing them to address the “biggest threat to global health in the 21st century” 

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