Overnight Guest Request Process

University Housing allows 24-hour visitation for guests provided they submit the Overnight Guest Request form (the form is available on the University Housing Portal) at least 72 hours prior to arrival. Licensees may have non-Licensee overnight guests stay in their room for up to three nights total per semester. Any Licensee currently residing in on-campus housing is permitted to stay in any other Licensee’s apartment in on-campus housing without a limit on the number of nights, provided that they are approved through the overnight guest request process. Licensees in violation of this policy may be subject to cost recovery and other fines in addition to disciplinary action. All roommates must be consulted and agree to overnight guests. Although any guest can be denied permission to stay by a roommate, roommates should consider allowing reasonable accommodation to guests in the promotion of a harmonious living environment. Licensees who deny their roommate's permission to have a guest should have specific reasons why the guest has been denied permission to visit. Guests may not sleep in building lounges or public areas. University Housing facilities are single-person housing units and do not provide family living or accommodations for children, partners, or spouses. For the comfort of roommates, younger children, 12 or younger are not permitted to stay overnight in University Housing facilities. All specific guest regulations are to be determined and mutually agreed upon by the roommates within each room/suite/ apartment. If needed, the Resident Assistant will create a written agreement with the roommates, which is binding and judicially enforceable to establish additional visitation.