Room Inventory

Once you have checked into your apartment, please follow the steps below to complete your room
inventory process.
• Log in to the Housing Portal
• Select Inventory

Portal Home

The Inspection List will appear

Inventory List

Choose Room Space you would like to Review
  • Bed Space: Individual’s Bed Space
  • Common Areas: Shared Spaces – These are areas that are shared by all residents of the apartment

Click on any of the rooms available and click Review

The Inspection Details Page will appear

Inventory Items

Please inspect each item listed below and note the condition.

If you agree to the condition, then click Accept

  • If you do not agree with the condition, click More Information and leave a condition comment in the Review Comments Box
Once you have reviewed all items and made appropriate comments, click Save Review

You will receive an email with the inspection of the room. If you are requesting a room condition change, the Building Coordinator will review your request and make the appropriate change to your inventory and/or maintenance request.

Please repeat the process for all apartment spaces.

It is strongly encouraged that all of the apartment residents meet to review the common spaces before submission.

To avoid unnecessary or inaccurate damage charges, residents should thoroughly review the Room/Suite/Apartment Inventory Process upon check-in. If there is disagreement with the initial assessment of the room’s condition, residents must note it as such on the Room/Suite/Apartment Inventory Process and meet with the Residential Life staff within five working days of check-in to have all copies of the Room/Apartment Inventory Process amended.

If you have any questions regarding the Room inventory, please contact the Lassen Hall Office during normal business hours at (510) 885-7444 or at