Non Industrial Disability Insurance


Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI) is a benefit that provides income for an eligible employee who is disabled and unable to work due to non-work related injury or illness. This program is administered by the Employment Development Department (EDD) and provides up to 26 weeks (182 calendar days) of benefits, please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement for the current benefit rate.


  • Active member of PERS/STRS in compensated employment; AND
  • A permanent or probationary full-time CSU employee in compensated employment; OR A permanent part-time CSU employee with at least the equivalent of 6 monthly compensated pay periods of service; OR An employee appointed half-time or more for one year of service or one academic year or more; AND
  • Has a disability that has been verified and accepted by the Employment Development Department in Sacramento.

Waiting Period

The disabled employee must serve a seven (7) calendar day waiting period, commencing on the first full day of disability. If confined to a hospital or EDD approved nursing home for one full day, the waiting period may be waived. The waiting period may be with or without pay depending upon whether the employee has accrued sick leave, vacation, CTO, etc.

Use of Leave Credits

All accrued sick leave must be used before ANY NDI benefits can be paid. Use of accrued vacation, Personal Holiday or CTO is optional. If the employee elects to use any of these credits, all of the selected credits must be used. For example, if the employee elects to use accrued vacation, all of the accrued vacation must be used before NDI benefits will be paid.

NDI Payments

NDI payments will be issued monthly. NDI benefits are considered a salary or wage and will be reported as earnings for tax purposes. Payments are adjusted as follows:

  • PERS/STRS contributions will not be deducted since the employee does not earn service credits while on Nonindustrial Disability Leave.
  • The employee’s regular contribution to health insurance will be deducted and the State shall continue to pay the employer contribution provided the amount of approved NDI covers the employee’s share of the premium.
  • Voluntary deductions (parking, credit unions, employee organizations, etc.) will continue to be deducted provided the amount of approved NDI covers the deduction amount or unless the employee cancels the deduction.
  • It is important that an employee receiving NDI benefits review their check stub to verify their benefit and miscellaneous deductions.

While receiving NDI payments, the employee will not accrue sick leave, vacation or service credit.

How to Apply

When an employee suffers a non-work related injury or illness and is required to be absent from work for an extended period of time they should:

  1. Notify their appropriate supervisor.
  2. Contact the Office of Human Resources to initiate paperwork for an NDI claim. The claim form will be completed by Human Resources and Payroll and mailed with instructions to the disabled employee.
  3. Complete the employee section and submit the claim form to their physician.

What happens next?

The physician must complete and submit the claim form to the Employment Development Department for processing. The processing time will vary in each case depending on timely submission of the form by the employee and the physician.

State of California
Employment Development Department
P.O. Box 2168
Stockton, CA 95201-2168
(209) 948-3920

Once authorization is received from the Employee Development Department, payments are made within 7-10 days through the CSUEB Payroll Services.

Note: It is the employee’s responsibility to see that the claim and the Doctor’s Certificate are filled out completely and mailed to the Employment Development Department address.

Benefit Amount

The chart below specifies the weekly benefit amount, as of June 2004, an eligible employee would qualify for based on employee category/collective bargaining identifier:

Weekly NDI Benefit Table
Employee Category Weekly NDI Benefit
Unit 1 (Physicians) $250
Units 2, 5, 7, & 9 (CSUEU) $250
Unit 3 (Faculty) $125
Unit 4 (APC) $250
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades) $250
Unit 8 (Public Safety Officers) $125
Confidential (C99) Employees $250
Management Personnel Plan (MPP/M80) $250
Executive (M98) $250
Excluded (E99, including TAs) $125

The above information is intended to be a quick summary and is not intended to be all inclusive of the eligibility, claim, and procedural requirements for obtaining NDI benefits.

This summary of Non-industrial Disability Insurance benefits is not to be construed as a substitute for the master contract. For further information on Nonindustrial Disability Insurance, contact the Office of Human Resources at (510) 885-3634.