Labor & Employee Relations

Labor and Employee Relations are often characterized as employee to employer and employee to employee relationships in the workplace.  Expectations of conduct, working conditions, compensation and performance are all placed under this umbrella.  Labor Relations is further associated with a written labor agreement, which is agreed upon by management and union representatives through collective bargaining.  The labor agreement formally describes the rights and obligations of represented employees and management in relation to each other.

The Office of Human Resources at CSU East Bay interprets and administers each of the staff collective bargaining agreements (except for the agreements for Unit 3 – California Faculty Association, and Unit 11, UAW, which are administered by the Provost’s Office).  The Office of Human Resources also oversees the grievance procedure and, where applicable, the complaint procedures contained in the collective bargaining agreements.

Whether presented formally through a collective bargaining agreement or presented informally, the Office of Human Resources may review, investigate, mediate, and recommend action in response to employee issues such as workplace conflict, harassment, and charges of discrimination.  The Office of Human Resources also provides counsel on matters of progressive discipline and work performance issues.