Flex Cash


The FlexCash Program allows eligible employees to waive CSU medical and/or dental insurance plans in exchange for cash, provided you have proof of other non-CSU group insurance coverage.

The cash payment options are:

  • Waive both medical and dental: $140/month
  • Waive medical only: $128/month
  • Waive dental only: $12/month

How to Enroll

Considerations Prior to Enrollment

  • Medical and dental needs are adequately met through other non-CSU group insurance Coverage.
  • Cash payment stipends are considered taxable income.
  • Enrollment in the program waives medical and/or dental continuation rights to a surviving spouse in the event of an employee’s death.
  • Enrollment in the program waives the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) continuation rights in the event the employee is terminated or otherwise loses eligibility for benefits.
  • Employees retiring while enrolled in the FlexCash Program will have 30 days following retirement to enroll in any PERS medical and or CSU dental plan. Please contact the Office of Human Resources regarding enrollment prior to retirement.
  • Employees who lose their other non-CSU group coverage while on the FlexCash Plan will have the opportunity to enroll in a medical and/or dental plan with proof of loss of coverage.
  • Under the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable minimum value standards. Care Act (ACA), the IRS has recently prohibited employers from offering cash to employees who choose to waive employer-sponsored medical coverage and enroll in "individual" medical coverage. Employees who are enrolled in individual medical coverage, such as Tricare, Medicare, Medi-Cal and Covered California, are not eligible to receive cash in lieu of other medical coverage even if the coverage provides minimum value. These requirements do not apply to dental coverage.