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Staff and Faculty Separation Clearance Process

All staff, faculty and students who are separating employment from California State University, East Bay must complete the separation clearance process. This includes faculty members who are resigning, retiring or whose temporary appointment is ending.  Full-time and part-time faculty members who are expected to return the following semester do not need to go through the separation clearance process. 

Link to the Separating Employee Clearance Form:

Staff and Faculty Responsibilities

  • Submit your letter of resignation to your department administrator (e.g. MPP Manager and/or Chair of the department).  Employees are expected to provide at least a two weeks' notice.
  • Absences: Enter your absences in MyHR and ensure that they’ve been approved by your supervisor.  Failure to submit your absences in a timely manner may result in overpayment and as such, the university may collect money from you for the overpayment.
  • If you are moving, you will need to update your address to ensure your W-2 is mailed to the correct address.  Please update your new address via the Employee Action Request in Adobe Sign as follows:
  • Login to Adobe Sign > Select the Home tab > Start from Library > Workflows > HR/Payroll - Employee Action Request form. 
  • Travel Documents/Reimbursement: Ensure that you have submitted all outstanding travel documents or reimbursement forms to Procurement via Certify for any expenses to be reimbursed or for a reimbursement of remaining funds on your BayCard.
  • Return all University property to your MPP Manager and/or Chair of the department prior to or on your last day of employment. These items may include but are not limited to:
University keys
Computer equipment (e.g. Laptop and/or checked out equipment)
Cell phone
Uniforms and personal protective equipment, if any
Parking permit
Procurement card
Library books
  • You will be asked to clear any outstanding financial obligations you have with the University. These may include:
Library fines
Travel advances

Note: Your MPP Manager will be emailed a one-day parking permit that you'll be able to use on your last day. All secure computer access, travel, procurement cards, and BayCard door access will be revoked on your last day worked. If you have been approved to take vacation prior to your retirement or resignation date, your email access will be deactivated on your last day worked, prior to the beginning of your vacation.

MPP Manager/Department Chair Responsibilities

  • Accept the employee's resignation by responding to the employee's intent to resign/retire via email.
  • Forward a copy of the employee’s resignation or retirement letter to your HR Manager. For faculty members who are resigning or retiring, please forward their letters to the Department Chair, which should then be forwarded to Academic Affairs.
  • Make sure the absences have been entered and approved in PeopleSoft. 
  • Collect all University property from employee. You will be contacted by the appropriate departments to verify the items that you’ve collected and will be advised on how to return the items to their respective departments. In addition, you will receive an email from Parking Services, with a one day Parking Permit, to provide to the employee to use on their last day.
  • Submit an ITS service desk ticket to Service Now at to request to remove computer/email access and forward the IT ticket # to your HR Manager. If an employee is transferring to a different department, submit a service desk ticket to terminate access for your department and note that the employee is transferring to a different department.
  • Submit a separation eSAF (for staff members only) and route to your HR Manager. If the employee is a faculty member who is retiring, an eFAF should be submitted to the Chair of the department and routed to Academic Affairs.  
  • Track the Separation workflow in Adobe Sign. Follow up and expedite requests to ensure completion in a timely manner.
  • If the employee is transferring to a different department, you will not need to submit a separation clearance form; however, you will need to collect University property, specific to your department (e.g. keys) and submit a service desk ticket to remove access for your department. Please note that office/building keys should be returned to Facilities to ensure records are updated.  You should request a written confirmation from Facilities that the keys have been returned.  When doing so, please reference the key numbers.  A copy of Facilities’ written confirmation of key(s) received should be forwarded to the employee who is transferring.

**Note** Once all responses have been collected on the separation clearance form, the MPP/Department Chair can print out the completed document from Adobe Sign (hard copy or PDF) if desired. This document will also be routed to the employee to confirm the keys, equipment, parking permit, library books, etc. that are outstanding and need to be returned. When the MPP meets with the employee to collect the University property, the MPP and the employee will sign-off on the separation clearance form. A copy of the form will be autmoaticallly sent to the employee for their records, attesting to the items that were returned to the MPP/Department Chair. 

 The forms below can now be submitted online through Adobe Sign. Please click on the desired link to begin the process. Additional information regarding how to login and use Adobe Sign can be found in our Knowledge Base

Name of Form and Access Link Instructions Alternate Format
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