Vision Plan

General Information

Vision Service Plan (VSP) is the vision plan provider and will provide administration of vision benefits and claims on behalf of the employer-paid California State University (CSU) Vision Plan.


  • Employees who are eligible for benefits will be automatically enrolled in the basic plan. There is no monthly premium for the basic plan. The basic vision plan is currently employer-paid.
  • Group #30059426


 Employees have the option of enrolling in the VSP Premium Plan. There is a monthly premium for the VSP Premier Plan:

  • Employee = $4.03/month
  • Employee + 1 = $15.01/month
  • Employee + 2= $28.41/month

To enroll in the VSP Premium Plan, click on the link CSU VSP Vision Care.
  • Group #30077022

Employees of the State of California whose appointment is at least six months and one day (tenure) and at least half-time (time base) may sign up for the CalPERS Health Benefit Program. In addition, lecturers or coaches with a time base of .40 or greater who are appointed for an academic year or two quarter appointment are eligible.  Please download the Lecturer Benefit Eligibility Criteria for additional information.

Who’s Eligible? 

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried, natural, stepchildren, or adopted children under the age of 26
  • Domestic partners (contact Human Resources for more information)
  • Economically dependent children

You may select any licensed ophthalmologist, optometrist, or dispensing optician to provide services covered under this benefit, including such providers outside of California. However, the highest benefit is received when using a participating provider from the VSP Provider list. The participating provider will verify benefits and eligibility and obtain authorization from Vision Service Plan (VSP).

Employees may complete an online member registration enrollment to create a user identification (ID) and password, for the purpose of viewing his/her vision benefits at VSP.

There are no ID cards or filling out a claim form under this plan.

The employee only needs to provide the 
Group #30059426. 

Forms can be downloaded for an out-of-network reimbursement form or CVC claim form (Computer Vision Glasses).
An overview of the program can be found in the CSU VSP Premium Plan.
A $10 co-payment is required for an exam. $10 co-payment for eyeglass prescription.

All active employees (dependents are not eligible) who utilize a video display terminal four (4) or more hours per day on a regular basis as provided in their job description shall be eligible for the VDT program as follows:  Eye Exam, Lenses and Frames every other calendar year.  Frames are covered up to $95.  The Eye Exam and Lenses are covered in full.

1New lenses will be approved and replaced every calendar year if at least one of the following criteria is met:

*  The new prescription differs from the original by at least a .50 dopter sphere or cylinder
*  There is a change in the axis of 15 degrees or more
*  A difference in vertical prism greater than one prism diopter