Cascade Server is a Web CMS (Content Management System). A Web CMS is used to create, edit, manage, search and publish various kinds of content on a web page, for example: text, images, and digital media.
All staff and faculty must complete a Cascade Server training prior to getting access to edit a website. This training provides an overview of the Cal State East Bay web content management system (Cascade Server), key terminologies, user roles and workflow. It also covers how to perform basic tasks such as creating, editing, and publishing content. This training is suitable for any person who creates, maintains, or is responsible for a university website.
Log into MyCascade to sign up for Cascade Server Essential Training, or change your current registration.
You may sign-up for one training session at a time. You must cancel your current registration if you wish to sign-up for a different training session.

Duration: 120 minutes
  1. Visit Request Cascade Server Site Access and log in using your netID and password.

  2. Ensure that your information is correct.

    information fields

  3. Enter the URL of the site(s) you are requesting access to.

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  4. Select Submit.

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