University Housing & Residence Life Posting and Space Reservation Process

University Housing and Residence Life supports the promotion of events and opportunities for students here at Cal State East Bay. As such, we are happy to work with any of our campus partners including student organizations and departmental staff. We do however ask that anyone wanting to post flyers/posters in student housing please utilize the process below as we must ensure that all flyers/posters are posted in the designated areas in order to comply with campus fire codes. To ensure compliance with these fire codes, any flyers/posters posted within the housing area that has not gone through the approval process will be removed.

Posting Approval Process

  1. All flyers/posters posted in University Housing and Residence Life must have the following information included on the flyer/poster. 
    1. Name/Date/Location of the event
    2. An accessibility statement with contact information of who to contact should a student need accommodations to participate in the event.
    3. Posters should be no larger than 11x17. Please note that posting areas are limited in space so it is preferable to have 8 ½ x 11 flyers to ensure maximum advertising in all posting areas. During high program volume times, we may not be able to accommodate 11 X 17 posters in all posting areas
  2. Please drop off your flyers/posters to the Lassen Hall Front Desk during business hours. Flyers/Posters should be dropped off a minimum of 7 business days prior to your event date. Any flyers/posters that are received less than 7 business days from the event may not be approved due to limited time to get them posted. Please note it can take up to 2-3 business days to approve and post flyers/posters so we recommend submitting earlier than 7 business days if you want to increase the amount of time your publicity is posted. Additionally, the maximum number of flyers/posters we can accept is 9. When dropping off flyers please include a name and contact email with the stack of flyers so we can contact you if we have any questions or are unable to approve your flyer/poster for any reason.
  3. A member of the University Housing and Residence Life staff will then post all flyers/posters that meet the required criteria in our designated posting areas within each residential building.
  4. If flyers/posters are not approved a University Housing and Residence Life staff member will notify the contact person listed within 2-3 business days and provide the reason they were denied. They will also provide information about changes are needed to receive approval.

If you have questions about this process please contact Associate Director for Residence Life, John Buchanan, at

University Housing and Residence Life (UHRL) has a variety of spaces available for programs and events. Since these spaces double as a study/recreational spaces for students within the residential community, UHRL strives to focus on partnering and promoting events that further enrich the residential community. A list of available spaces has been provided below for easy reference:

  • Lassen Community Room
  • El Dorado Hall Community Room
  • Lassen Quad (located between Tamalpais, Shasta, Diablo, and Lassen Community Room)
  • Cypress Quad (located between Juniper, Sequoia, and Pioneer Kitchen)
  • Basketball Courts
  • BBQ Pits
  • Pioneer Kitchen (please note if requesting this space additional approval will also come from the dining staff but we will help connect you to Kayla Lamont who will be the point of contact for Chartwells with regard to events in Pioneer Kitchen)

The following criteria are used when considering a space reservation request:

  1. Is the event open to the residential community?
  2. Does the event benefit the residential community?
  3. Does the event support the goals/mission of Student Housing and Residence Life?
  4. Are you collaborating with a member of the Student Housing and Residence Life staff?

Please note: If your event does not meet one or more of the criteria above that does not mean your space request will automatically be declined. It does mean that additional follow-up may be needed before making a final decision on your request. Priority will also be given to events that do meet all of the above criteria.

How to reserve space:

  1. Review the reservation calendar below to see whether or not space has already been reserved. Please select the drop-down menu for the space you are interested in order to access the calendar for that space.
  2. Complete an UHRL Space Reservation Request Form using the button at the bottom of this screen. Requests for space should be submitted no less than 10 business days prior to your event to allow time for processing and set-up needs.
  3. Once your form is received, it will be reviewed and you will receive an email response indicating your request has either been approved or denied.

If you have questions regarding space reservation in University Housing and Residence Life please contact Associate Director for Residence Life, John Buchanan, at

If you have questions regarding space reservation in University Housing and Residence Life please contact Associate Director for Residence Life, John Buchanan, at