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Welcoming our Biology Majors to Fall 2023 at CSUEB!

Hello Biology Majors! We hope that you had a great summer break and are ready for the Fall 2023 semester! We are looking forward to seeing you on campus and in our classes! There are lots of things happening this term. First, we have a new Department Chair! Dr. Ana Almeida ( is now serving as the Dept. Chair with Dr. Brian Perry ( serving as Associate Chair. We have also hired two new Microbiology faculty members - they will arrive in Spring 2024! We have also created a new "course" - BIOL 493 - under which you can engage in "Directed Research in Biology". For more information about this, click the link below and check out the first entry under "General Advising Questions". In the meantime, note that classes for this term begin on Tuesday, August 22nd. We look forward to seeing you soon! Read More

Looking for an Upper Division Biology Elective for Fall 2023?

If you are looking for another upper division biology elective, we still have a few that are still open. These include BIOL 330, General Microbiology, BIOL 350, General Ecology, BIOL 368, Fungi of California, BIOL 370, Animal Physiology, BIOL 415, PCR & Sequencing, BIOL 434, Molecular Microbiology, BIOL 440, Molecular Virology, BIOL 470, Animal Senses, BIOL 473, Comparative Physiology, BIOL 476, General Endocrinology. You can also reach out to faculty to see if they have/know of any Independent Study (BIOL 490), Directed Research in Biology (BIOL 493), or Internship (BIOL 498) opportunities. Please note, prerequisites are being enforced so be sure to select a course for which you meet the required preparation. For more information on available electives, please reach out to a Staff or Faculty Advisor and/or click on the link below. Read More

Update on the Construction of the New Applied Science Center

We are happy to say that the construction of the new Applied Sciences Center is going well! We just had a "Topping Off Ceremony" on Thursday, August 10th. A steel beam, that had been available to students, staff, and faculty to sign, was ceremoniously placed within the building infrastructure. In the meanwhile, construction continues which you will be able to see as you enter and exit the North and South Science buildings on your way to and from your science and math courses. You are also welcome to view the progress of the construction in real time at: The Applied Sciences Center is scheduled to open in 2024 and we are looking forward to it! In the meanwhile, to find out more about the activities and personnel to be housed in this building as well as the role this center will play at the university, please click on the link below. Read More

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September 2017

  • The department welcomes two new faculty members, Dr. Guiton and Dr. Almeida.

August 2017


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