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Applying for Graduation

Graduating Seniors, we know you must be excited as you work on completing the last of your courses! One thing to remind you about - applying for graduation is a TWO-STEP process. You must apply for graduation via myCSUEB AND you have to get a major check (official confirmation that you completed all of your major requirements). If you have not completed both of these steps, please do so ASAP. To read more about this, please visit: CSUEB Biology website ---->Advising (left-hand menu) ------> FAQs-------> Graduation and Commencement-Related questions (drop down menu). You can also visit the Registrar's Graduation page (see link below). Read More

Want to Participate in Commencement this Spring but Need to Return in the Fall to Finish Your Classes?

This Spring, we will be offering our congratulations and well wishes to our graduation seniors. We know some of you are interested in participating in this Spring's Commencement ceremony (= graduation ceremony) and getting all of the materials that come with that (your name in the Spring 2023 Commencement Book; tickets for your family, etc.) but will also need to return in the Fall to finish up your classes. If this applies to you, please check out information we have posted about this by visiting the CSUEB Biology website ----> (left hand menu) Advising -----> FAQs------> Graduation-Related Questions. Read More

Meet Our Newest Faculty Member, Dr. Tommy Jenkinson

Dr. Tommy Jenkinson is the Biological Sciences department's newest faculty member, having joined the faculty this past Fall. Dr. Jenkinson has hit the ground running, juggling his faculty responsibilities. This Spring you can find him teaching BIOL 140B, Organismal Biology and BIOL 650, Graduate Seminar in Ecology. He is also continuing to set up his research lab. Dr. Jenkinson's scholarly interests broadly include issues in molecular ecology, evolutionary genetics, and mycology. One of his current projects involves the use of molecular techniques to examine the evolution and biogeography of the chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium endoblast or Bd), a disease which has negatively impacted amphibian populations worldwide. You can find out more about Dr. Jenkinson and his research using the link below. And hey, if you haven't met Dr. Jenkinson yet and you see him in the science buildings or elsewhere on campus, be sure to introduce yourself. He enjoys meeting and working with students and you will likely find his enthusiasm contagious (pardon the pun!). Read More

Additional Resources and Contact Information

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September 2017

  • The department welcomes two new faculty members, Dr. Guiton and Dr. Almeida.

August 2017


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