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Family Contribution Appeal

Family Contribution Appeal

Completing a Family Contribution Appeal is the process which allows students/families to address income changes in the current calendar year versus the previous year. The income change may result in a revision to the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which in some cases may warrant eligibility changes in Subsidized Loans or in extreme cases Pell Grant eligibility.

Requests for professional judgement review are made by contacting the Financial Aid Office at  You may also visit us at the first floor of the Student Services and Administration Building or call us at 510-885-2784.  Additionally, Financial Aid staff may request a review on the student’s behalf at their request. Initial requests are reviewed by responsible financial aid staff members and based on the nature of the request, additional documentation and requirements will be requested of the student to submit through Campus Logic for review. Once the request and subsequent documentation requests have been completed, a financial aid counselor or member of Financial Aid Office management staff will review the request and render their decision. Any professional judgement decisions made by CSUEB staff members are final and cannot be appealed to the U.S. Department of Education (ED).

Changes in circumstance which would qualify for review are:

  • Layoff/Unemployment
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Death
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Child or spousal support
  • Out of pocket medical costs not covered by insurance from between January and December of the prior calendar year. Expenses must not exceed medical expenses as allowed by financial aid regulations.
  • Change in the number of family members in the household whom you or your parents provide more than 50% support.
If a student requests a Family Contribution Appeal review and has not previously completed verification, they will be required to do so prior to consideration of their appeal in order to ensure the accuracy of current financial data provide during the financial aid application process. If applicable, the following documentation will be required based on circumstance:
  • Anticipated income for the remaining months of 2018
  • Three (3) most current pay stubs from each job held between January and December 2018
  • Complete 2017 tax return and 2017 W-2(s)
  • If laid off, letter of termination from employer and copy of final pay stub
  • Notice of unemployment insurance award
  • Disability benefits eligibility letter
  • Retirement benefits statement
  • Death Certificate
  • Any information about income from death (i.e., life insurance, death benefits, pension plans)
  • Divorce decree or statement of separation
  • Agency verification of loss or reduction of benefits
  • Court/legal documentation (child/spousal support) verifying date support ends
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by insurance (Expenses must not exceed medical expenses as allowed by financial aid regulations. Expenses must have been paid by parents or students between January 2018, and December 2018).
    •  Receipts and/or billing statements from medical provider(s) that the family or student has paid out of pocket. Past due or unpaid bills are not accepted.
    • Itemized statement from insurance company documenting costs not covered by insurance.
  • Changes in the number of family members (These family members must be someone for who you, or your parents, provide more than 50% support).
    • A detailed statement explaining the reason for the change.
    • List names, ages, relationships, and number in college.
Please note that if it is determined that granting a professional judgement request will not make a change or will negatively impact the student it will be denied and no changes made.
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