Teaching Credential

Teaching Credential

If you are applying to a Teaching Credential program that begins during the Summer 2023 semester and interested in being considered for financial aid:

  1. Submit a 22/23 FAFSA or 22/23 CADAA and include CSUEB (School Code: 001138)
  2. Students are considered 5th year undergraduates for the purposes of financial aid*. Please ensure that you select the correct grade level and college degree on the financial aid application:
  • College Grade Level: 5th Year/Other Undergraduate
  • College Degree or Certificate: Teaching Credential (nondegree program)

* selecting your grade level as graduate/professional and degree as college graduate/professional will require a correction to your FAFSA/CADAA application and may result in a delay in receiving a Summer 2023 financial aid award offer

  1. Once applicants are admitted and have an official FAFSA/CADAA on file, an award letter for the Summer 2023 semester will be provided through their Horizon email account and available to review/accept on MyCSUEB.
  2. Review and complete pending financial aid requirements on MyCSUEB or MyCompass.
  3. Keep track of the Summer semester payment deadlines on Important Dates and the Student Financial Services and Cashier’s Office site.

The financial aid you may be eligible for will be contingent upon admission to the program, review of the income/household information provided on 22/23 FAFSA or 22/23 CADAA, and annual lifetime/aggregate limits.

Institutional Aid:

State University Grant 

Eligibility is determined by submission of the FAFSA or CADAA



State Aid:

Cal Grant (Requires a separate application)

Students awarded a Cal Grant as undergraduates may be able to extend their Cal Grant eligibility for an additional year of funding by submitting a form directly to CSAC. Once you decide to enroll and are admitted to the program submit the following:


Golden State Teacher Grant Program (Requires a separate application)


The Golden State Teacher Grant Program (GSTG) awards up to $20,000 to students currently enrolled in a professional preparation program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and working towards earning their preliminary teaching or pupil personnel services credential.

Students must:

  • Complete their program and obtain their credential within 3 years from the first distribution of GSTG funds.
  • Commit to work at a priority school in California for 4 years within 8 years of completing their program

Dream Loan (Requires a separate application)

The California Dream Loan authorized by SB1210 is a low-interest loan subsidized loan for AB540 students with financial need who meet all other financial aid eligibility requirements.

Federal Aid:

Eligibility is determined by submission of the FAFSA along with lifetime eligibility and aggregate limit requirements

- Pell Grant (during the teaching credential component only, once students submit their Change in Degree Objective (COGO), their aid is adjusted to that of a graduate student

- Federal Loans

- Federal Teach Grant (must meet specific eligibility criteria)


If you transition to a Master’s of Science in Education program during the Spring 2024 semester you will be required by your department to submit a Change of Graduate Objective (COGO). Once that occurs, our office adjusts student's aid from undergraduate to graduate. The financial aid eligibility changes, graduate students are no longer eligible for the Pell Grant or other funding that is designated for undergraduates only. Graduate students are also considered for up to $20,500 a year in the federal unsubsidized loan. 

In addition, graduate students can apply for the credit-based Graduate PLUS Loan if interested: https://studentaid.gov