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Scholarship Timeline


If you would like to administer your scholarship through our Pioneer Scholarship Portal, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at finaid@csueastbay.edu

The Pioneer Scholarships Application is open from Oct 1- March 2.

February- The scholarship review process will be conducted

March - Financial Aid Award Letters will be generated with scholarship award information.

July - The scholarship system will shut down to archive the prior academic year’s information. 


Department Deadlines to Submit Recipient Awarding/Scholarship Disbursement Request:

Fall 2021- November 18, 2021

Spring/Summer 2022- April 15, 2022


Click Here to review whether your funds should be reported through the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships or through the Accounting Office. 

Scholarship Reviewer

This year the review process will take place in February of each year. 

If you haven't already signed up to be a reader this year and would like to, please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at finaid@csueastbay.edu. If you're unsure about whether or not to get involved, here is some information that might help you decide:

  • The scholarship reading process is an online process. This means that you can read scholarship applications anywhere you have Internet access.
  • You can review and rate scholarship applications on your own schedule within a given time frame of several weeks. The process generally requires 10-15 hours of time, depending on how fast you read.
  • There are no meetings to attend.
  • Serving as a scholarship reader is a very enlightening and rewarding experience!

Reviewers Guide

When it's time for your reviewers to come into the system and start reviewing applications, they will receive an email giving them instructions on how to log into the system. Once they log into the system they will land on their dashboard and there they will see a list of opportunities or applications that they have been asked to review. They will see the name of the application or opportunity as well as any review dates, the number of reviews assigned as well as the number of reviews that they have completed. By clicking on the link of the reviews assigned, the reviewer will then go to a list of all applications they have been asked to review.

Reviewers can see the details of the opportunity by clicking on the opportunity details to learn a little bit more about the opportunity that they're reviewing. From the list they can begin the reviews by clicking the begin button. The reviewer will then be presented with any reviewer notes whether their opportunity review or specific notes or review or group notes. The first page that they will see is the review tab that contains all the information reviewers are expected to answer about the applications that they are reviewing. On the next tab they can see the application itself and scroll through any information that has been made visible to the reviewer. The last tab is the side-by-side view which will allow them to see the application information at the same time as the review questions. These screens scroll independently so while they're reviewing the application they can easily scroll through the application that will help them score the application.
Once they have completed their review they can then submit the review so that the score can be calculated into the average reviewer score for the applicant. They must answer any questions with an asterix to submit the review. They will then advance to the next applicant that they have been asked to review. While they are completing the reviews, they can save the review at any time to come back later and finish it up. They also can advance through the applications that they have been asked to review in the upper right-hand corner by clicking the toggle arrows. Lastly, they can collapse any of the applications they are reviewing by clicking on the minus sign next to the application they do not wish to view. They can then click the plus to open it back up to see all the information contained on that application.

To return to the list of applicants that they are reviewing they can click on the name of the opportunity in the top left bread crumbs. Now that they are back on the list of opportunities they can sort this grid by column simply by clicking on the triangle or arrow in the column that they would like to sort the actions column. By default, the grid will reorder itself depending on the amount of work remaining on the reviews. Those reviews that have not been started will be at the top, then they will see any reviews that they have saved but not submitted, and lastly, they will see any reviews that they have submitted. Submitted reviews can be updated if the review period is still open. To return to their dashboard they simply click the opportunities button and return to the list of opportunities or applications that they have been asked to review. 


Scholarship Award Disbursement Form

If you need to award a student a scholarship and have not done so through the AcademicWorks portal, please fill out the Scholarship/Award Disbursement Form. Send orginal to the Office of Financial Aid, SA 3414.