The Art Department’s curriculum is aimed at developing students’ perceptual skills, their access to the imagination, and their ability to think critically and independently. Instruction in using art materials and specific art and design techniques and methods enables students to create original works of art and design reflecting their evolving vision. Our program also fosters a broad cultural awareness of the visual arts and design practices in society. It offers excellent facilities and workspaces, small classes taught by distinguished faculty, and field trips to museums, galleries, and artist’s studios.

The department offers three concentrations in the B.A. degree, which develop students’ research, design, and visual analysis skills, preparing them for continued professional development and a range of careers in the arts and design.

The department also emphasizes study in our Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Program. This professional degree offers students the opportunity to develop greater expertise through comprehensive and intensive study in a specific area of art or design. This program leads to successful careers in the visual art and design industries. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies or advanced skills for a professional career typically choose the B.F.A. degree.


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Animator • Architectural Model Maker • Artist • Art Librarian • Art Professor • Ceramicist • Character Designer • Curator • Digital Painter • Film / Video Editor • Gallery Director • Game Designer • Graphic Designer • Illustrator • Interaction Designer • 3D Modeler • Multimedia / Content Developer • Muralist • Product Designer • Studio / Portrait Photographer • Set Painter/Designer • Sculptor • User Experience (UX) Designer • Video Production Crew • Web Designer


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Courses You Might Take

ART 220 - Art of the Early Mediterranean World

Explore selected monuments of Mediterranean and European art from prehistory through the Renaissance. Students practice writing art histories and learn multiple ways of contextualizing art in relation to changing structures of power.

ART 246 - 3D Modeling and Animation I

Intermediate level 3D models used in 3D digital animation for storytelling and creative communication. Modeling techniques & animation principles using both digital and non-digital media.

ART 255 - Game Design I

Students explore, analyze and compare game designs across multiple genres such as sports, game shows, games of chance, board and video games. Students then design, develop and test their own original analog games.

ART 304A - Creative Photography I

Explores photography as fine art and the creative use of photography. Merging images and ideas, students explore and produce expressive and creative fine art imagery.

ART 362 - Illustrating Dynamic Forms

Focusing on traditional tools, students increase skills of rendering characters, creatures and figures in active poses. Tools include ink, graphite, colored pencil and watercolor.

ART 423 - Modern Media, Art and Culture II

Students produce research on one aspect of how modern media and art engage with politics, identity, and everyday life through close reading and evidence-based writing. They gain familiarity with research methods and Marxist and feminist methodologies. Repeatable when topic varies.

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