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The Department of Liberal Studies offers a B.A. in liberal studies, which aims to provide a rich liberal arts educational experience through selected courses from a wide range of academic disciplines while at the same time allowing students to select a field for in-depth study of their interest. The broad-based, interdisciplinary nature of liberal studies provides a solid, well-rounded undergraduate educational experience, integrating knowledge from the arts and humanities, social science, and natural sciences with analytical and communication skills well-suited for many careers and professions.


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Administrator • Business Executive • Customer Service Representative • Educational Leadership • Foreign Service Officer • Human Resources Administrator • Journalist • Lawyer • Manager • Non­profit and Social Advocacy Organizations • Personnel Representative • Salesperson • Social and Human Services • Teacher (K­-6, Pre-K, Early Childhood, Special Education) • Writer


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LBST 201 - Introduction to Liberal Studies

An introduction to the liberal arts educational approach, and application of interdisciplinary perspective to selected contemporary issues. Emphasis on information, reasoning, and evidence in written and/or visual presentations.

ART 120 - Art of Asia and the Pacific World

Study selected monuments of art and visual culture from Asian and Pacific world cultures since the ancient era.

ANTH 300 - Anthropology of Global Change

An introduction to applied and economic anthropology and its relevance to contemporary socio-economic issues, including applications to education, disease, criminalization, gentrification, imperialism, and economic globalization.

MATH 318 - Mathematical Contributions to Modern Society

Examines the contributions of mathematics to modern society and its impact on movements for social justice and equity. Contemporary ideas in mathematics and how they’re explored within political, cultural, and social contexts.

THEA 341 - Dramatic Activities for Children

Using theatre as a means to build and develop creative capacity in children. Includes theatre games, improvisation, puppetry, mask making, and other dramatic activities. Creating lesson plans and teaching a variety of content with creative drama techniques.

HDEV 381 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Lifespan Human Development

Explores interdisciplinary perspectives on lifespan human development from infancy to aging. Examines physical, biological, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and social development with reference to social, cultural, and individual contexts.

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