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The Department of Political Science offers a curriculum that helps students acquire an organized body of knowledge about government and to think analytically about public policy, law, and politics. The political science degree prepares graduates to enter careers in government, public service, public administration, public policy analysis, legislative advocacy, business, international relations, and teaching. In addition, many graduates continue their academic careers in law school or pursue graduate degrees in political science or public policy analysis.


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Agency Administrator • Attorney • Campaign Manager • Consultant • Historian • Journalist • Legislative Assistant • Lobbyist • News Producer • Nonprofit Program Organizer • Professor • Policy Analyst • Research Analyst • Social Media Manager • Teacher • Writer


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POSC 101 - American Political Institutions

A focus on the elements of sound physical reasoning as expressed through clear scientific writing. Students write detailed solutions to challenging problems, summaries of research articles, and reviews of important topics of physics.

POSC 312 - United States Congress

Explores the development of the modern Congress, including 20th century reforms, partisanship, inter-branch relations, elections and campaign finance reform, incumbency and redistricting, and the committee system.

POSC 319 - Social Media and Political Communication

Explores issues involving the rise of ‘big tech’, social media, and politics. Topics include the use and misuse of social media in movements and campaigns, foreign election interference, and the spread of misinformation.

POSC 336 - This is America: Race Politics

Examines historical processes of racialization, discriminatory practices, and democratic values, focusing on pathways of empowerment for marginalized communities to gain political power.

POSC 383 - Labor Policy and Law

Examines policies that impact workers including professional, low wage, immigrant, LGBTQ, and women. Covers the role of corporate power, labor unions, and worker centers, as well as U.S. labor laws.

POSC 373 - Contemporary Political Thought

Covers major western political ideas in the 19th and 20th centuries, with emphasis upon central figures in the development of Democratic, Marxist, Socialist, and various other contemporary bodies of political theory.

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