The Department of Modern Languages & Literatures offers a B.A. degree in Spanish. The program prepares students to learn to speak and write in Spanish. The program also prepares students with analytical skills in Spanish. It provides students with the cultural understanding and academic knowledge necessary for future careers, especially in teaching Spanish and Spanish American literature and culture at multiple educational levels.

Recently, Cal State East Bay has declared a Hispanic Serving Institution due to the demographic impact of California's Latino and Hispanic population, particularly in the East Bay area. Additionally, with the growing involvement of the United States in international business and the increasingly multicultural character of American society within the exponential growth of its Latino/Hispanic population, the importance of Spanish in nearly every occupation is considerable.


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Bilingual Call Center Representative • Bilingual Technical Support Specialist • College Admissions Officer/Counselor • Communications • Community College/University Professor • ESL Teacher/Assistant abroad • Film/Video/Book editor • International Business • Interpretation • Librarian • Peace Corps • Research Assistant/Associate • Sales Coordinator for International Hotel Company • Tour Guide/Consultant • Translation • University Grant Writer


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Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career.


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Courses You Might Take

MLL 241 - Intermediate Spanish I: Hispanophone Cultures

Emphasizes the structure of the language and conversation. Students develop effective cognitive faculties and gain appreciation for the cultures of the hispanophone world.

MLL 341 - Spanish Conversation

A practical application of Spanish to present-day experiences. Develops advanced oral communication skills, with an emphasis on increasing vocabulary, accuracy and grammatical control.

MLL 344 - Spanish Linguistics and Phonetics

An introduction to the history of Spanish language, grammatical systems (phonology, morphology, syntax), and socio-linguistics status of Spanish in the U.S.

MLL 443 - Survey Spanish Literature I: Medieval and Golden Age

A survey of Spanish literature from the Middle Ages to 1700. Studies socio-political, aesthetic, philosophical, and literary ideas through major works from medieval, renaissance, and baroque periods.

MLL 445 - Cultures of Spanish America

A study of Spanish American cultures through history, race and cultural diversity, arts, myths, leaders, and social institutions. Taught in Spanish, readings in Spanish and English.

MLL 447 - Latin American Global and Cultural Studies

Studies countries, movements, themes, and current social issues in Spanish/Latin American literature and culture in a global context. Taught in Spanish, readings in Spanish and English.

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