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The College of Business and Economics, which offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (BSBAN) program, is committed to providing life-changing, quality business education to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to become successful business professionals and leaders. To build computational skills with business insights, this designated STEM program explores emerging technologies and business practices in next-generation analytics, such as AI, ML, data pipeline, IT systems, blockchain, business intelligence, and digital strategy.

The BSBAN program blends computer science skills with business applications to help students build core competencies and learn how to interpret analytical findings, uncover business-relevant insights, and advance their careers. Students will choose an area of specialization, i.e., concentration, corresponding to their desired career path.


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Application Architect • Business Analyst • Chief Data Officer • Chief Technology Officer • Business Consultant • Data Analyst • Data Architect • Data Scientist • Digital Marketing • Financial Analyst • Machine Learning Engineer • Management Analysts • Marketing Communications • Marketing Manager • Market Research Analyst • Operations Research Analysts • Project Manager • Statistician


Future Income:

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career. While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not record statistics for the exact job title “Business Analyst”, it does track multiple job categories that fall under the broader umbrella of business analysis, including Management Analysts, Financial Analysts, Market Research Analysts, Operations Research Analysts.


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Courses You Might Take

BAN 310 - Data Analysis with Python I

Students are introduced to widely-used Python libraries for exploratory and quantitative data analysis, along with conceptual foundations such as statistical inference, regression, and matrix for better understanding and mastery of the data analysis toolkits.

BAN 320 - Optimization and Simulation for Business Applications

Students learn to determine the best solution among various choices. Applications include evaluating business decision and environmental impacts, experiment design, analyzing sustainability of outcomes, and illustrating the business implications of each option.

MKTG 305W - Business Communication

Investigation from a social science perspective about theories, processes, and practices of business communication. Students develop abilities to communicate effectively, write and revise business documents, and work to understand communication in business environments and cross-cultural settings.

ITM 338 - Cloud Computing and Ecommerce

A course on the technological and conceptual aspects of cloud computing and its application for E-Commerce. Students will develop skills in implementing business-oriented systems for e-commerce using cloud computing and related information technologies.

BAN 449 - Big Data Technology and Business Applications

An introduction to Big Data concepts, technologies, systems, and applications. Topics include Hadoop distributed file system, input/output, and business application development with big data.

MGMT 455 - AI Enabled Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics

This course showcases real life applications of data analytics in supply chain and logistics management. Students learn to ask the right questions to drive supply chain efficiency, and use the right AI enabled tools to develop data-driven decisions.

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