The Department of Sociology offers a B.A. program with a mission to provide a stimulating and cooperative learning atmosphere for a highly diverse group of students. The program seeks to foster a lifelong love of learning about the social, cultural, political, and economic institutions humans have created. The program’s goal is for students to think deeply about ways social structures and processes influence individuals’ lives and opportunities and how individuals can contribute to building more inclusive and satisfying communities and organizations. The program’s faculty members are dedicated to providing students with tools that will empower and prepare them to be active citizens in their families, communities, organizations, and workplaces, as well as to expand their understanding of community engagement to include national and global projects aimed at addressing larger social problems.

Students will increase their appreciation of the value of all human beings and their commitment to an inclusive and just society that addresses the needs of all groups of people. In addition, in acquiring a deep understanding of the structure of groups, organizations, and societies and human interaction within these contexts, students develop their capacity for more personally rewarding and socially responsible participation and leadership in their families, work, communities, and society as a whole.


We Offer:

The program above may be taken in hybrid, or (beginning in Fall, 2025) fully online modalities.  They are also available as degree completion programs for students who have completed an approved ADT degree.


Your Future

Career Opportunities Include:

Social Services • Counselor • Administrative Support • Management • Human Resources • Teacher • Librarian • Sales • Marketing • Social Science Research • Public Relations • Information Technology • Various other professions and preparation for admission to graduate programs in a variety of fields including, but not limited to Law, Sociology, Social Work, Public Administration.


Future Income:

Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career.


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Courses You Might Take

SOC 300 - Sociological Theory

A critical analysis of the works of leading sociological theorists from the middle of the 19th century to the present. Emphasizes linking theories to contemporary research questions and hypotheses.

SOC 325 - Race and Ethnic Relations

The sociological study of race and ethnicity.  Examines racial and ethnic stratification in the United States, including each student’s own position within the nexus of race, ethnicity, and society.

SOC 340 - Sociology of Gender

Examines gender as a system that is created and sustained within the structures and institutions of society. Explores the ways in which gender intersects with other social systems to produce different experiences, perspectives, and opportunities.

SOC 380 - Sociology of Race, Crime and Justice

Analyzes contemporary American penal politics and punishment. Emphasizes the state’s role in criminalization and modern forms of social control. Examines issues of inequality and alternative policies promoting social justice and freedom.

SOC 415 - Popular Culture

Analyzes the historical development of modern popular culture through its interaction with both elite and commercial cultures. Examines contemporary popular culture (e.g. popular music, television, movies) in detail.

SOC 420 - Political Sociology

Examines social theories of state and political power, engagement and exclusion, and political divisions around issues such as immigration, globalization, taxation, incarceration, family policy, sustainability, and economic power.

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