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The Department of Theatre and Dance provides comprehensive training for performance, creativity, reflection, diversity, collaboration, mentorship, community engagement, and social justice through inclusive and rigorous creative inquiry. The program provides comprehensive pre-professional training in performance and production. The program develops artists with performance skills and creativity while providing an inclusive background in history, literature, and aesthetics. Students regularly perform in various theatre and dance productions in an environment designed to encourage creativity and self-expression. In addition, the program encourages majors to acquire a range of skills to expand their career options.


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Actor/Actress • Box Office Manager • Business Agent • Choreographer • College Student Services Manager • Comedian • Corporate Officer • Costume Designer • Costume/Wardrobe Technician • Dancer • Director • Drama or Dance Teacher/Professor • Dramaturg • House Manager • Lighting Technician • Make-Up Artist/Specialist • Non-profit Manager • Playwright • Producer • Recreation Supervisor • Sales/Marketing Specialist • Set Decorator • Set Designer • Sound Technician • Stage Manager • Theatre Critic • Theatre Technician • Theatre Manager


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Courses You Might Take

DANC 115 - Modern Dance I

An introduction to practical skills that increase physical aptitude, historical knowledge, and aesthetic sensibilities of modern dance. Open to all body types and abilities/disabilities.

DANC 217 - Musical Theater Dance

Learn movement techniques from the history and evolution of musical theatre dance. Discusses sociopolitical and cultural challenges that influence style, such as race, gender, class inequality, and marginalization.

THEA 151 - Fundamentals of Acting

Uses exercises to free the body, intelligence, voice, and emotions in the service of relating a memorized text to the given circumstances. Explores action, objective, and obstacle.

THEA 361 - Scene Painting

Students develop drawing and painting skills for performing arts. Covers fundamentals of paint and color theory, typical application techniques, and recipes for common 2D and 3D textures.

THEA 462 - Costume and Makeup Design

A course on techniques, theory, and practice of costume and makeup design for the performing arts. Includes design, clothing construction, research methods, rendering techniques, makeup theory, and practical projects.

THEA 370 - Musical Theater Performance

Rehearsal and performance that illuminates cultural and human issues in a large ensemble musical, using original or established material. Characterization based on singing, dance, and acting techniques. Also open to production staff.

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