The Department of Philosophy promotes the exploration of enduring human concerns. In addition to emphasizing classical philosophy, the department encourages students to think critically about contemporary debates, particularly in law, human rights, and social justice; science, technology, and values; and religion. The department’s faculty strives to instill in students lifelong habits of questioning, exploring views contrary to their own, and engaging in reasoned and honest dialogue. In addition, they aim to develop qualities essential to personal fulfillment, civic responsibility, and career success by focusing on analysis, comprehension, and communication.


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The programs above may be taken in on-ground, hybrid, or (beginning in Fall, 2025) fully online modalities.  They are also available as degree completion programs for students who have completed an approved ADT degree.


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Analyst • Business Executive • Clergy • Consultant • Critic • Editor • Foreign Service Officer • Journalist • Lawyer • Philosopher • Policy Analyst • Primary/Secondary School Teacher • Professor • Public Administrator • Theologian • Writer


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Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

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Courses You Might Take

PHIL 310 - Ethics

Covers major ethical or moral theories and their relation to different social systems, institutions and cultures of the world.

PHIL 330 - Epistemology: Knowing and Not Knowing

An exploration of such issues as evidence, knowledge, skepticism, relativism, truth, and the nature of understanding.

PHIL 347 - Religion, Monsters, and Horror

Examines monsters as they appear in the world’s religions. Discusses the nature of evil, the fear of death, and the experience of the uncanny. References religious scriptures, folklore, and popular culture.

PHIL 355 - Race and Justice

A philosophical examination of race, racism, racial identity/formation, and racial justice incorporating the narratives and essays of members of diverse U.S. cultural groups.

PHIL 361 - The Birth of Philosophy: The Greeks & Their Legacy

Covers western philosophy from the ancient Greeks (including Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) through the philosophers and theologians of the Middle Ages (including St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas).

PHIL 362 - Exploring Modern Thought: From Descartes to Kant

Seventeenth and eighteenth century Western philosophy, especially rationalism (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz) and empiricism (Locke, Berkeley, Hume).

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