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The Global Studies Program offers a B.A. degree comprising an integrated group of courses reflecting the international aspects of various disciplines. It is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of globalization and the world community while offering them the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest. Firsthand experience abroad is also encouraged.


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Diplomacy and Foreign Service • Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs • Federal Government • Humanitarian and Development Work • International Business • International Organizations • Journalism • Law • Local Services to Foreign Language Speakers • Politics • Tourism • Teaching • Translation


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GLST 101 - Introduction to Global Studies

Examine globalization, the interdependence of people, nations, and institutions through the lenses of history, geography, politics, anthropology, and economics. An overview of major processes and outcomes of global interaction, cooperation and conflict.

GLST 102 - Global Issues

An introduction to the origins, current status, and future trends of major transnational issues. Topics include food security, global trade, human rights, immigration, sustainable development, global inequality and poverty, and international conflict and security concerns.

GEOG 125 - World Regions and Development

An analysis of the physical, cultural, environmental, economic and demographic patterns of world regions. Explores patterns of global wealth, poverty and inequality from a geographical perspective.

MLL 211 - Multicultural Cinema

A study and analysis of aesthetic, sociopolitical, and philosophical concerns presented in the films from diverse cultures. Students critically assess cultural, sociopolitical, historical, and aesthetic aspects of the cinematic productions while investigating the issues of multiculturalism, diversity, and transculturation.

ART 221 - Art of the Transatlantic Modern World

Analyze selected monuments of art and visual culture from Europe, Africa, and the Americas since 1400. Working independently and in groups, students practice writing art histories, trying multiple ways of contextualizing art in relation to social and political change.

ANTH 340 - Language and Culture

Studies language as a social and cultural phenomenon. Understand the structured nature of language, key approaches to the study of language and culture, and linguistic-anthropological research on language-related social issues.

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