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The School of Engineering offers a B.S. degree in civil engineering. The goals of the B.S. degree are to prepare effective professionals for public and private infrastructure projects, prepare the workforce required by the infrastructure improvement industry, and enable students to assume leadership roles in civil engineering, consulting, and construction. Special attention is given to promote working professionals and students participating in internships by offering classes during times that are most convenient.


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Licensed Engineer • Project Engineer • Staff Civil Engineer • City Engineer • Research Engineer • Project Manager • Consulting Engineer


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Courses You Might Take

CIVE 206 - Engineering Materials and Laboratory

An introduction to the composition, structure, properties, and behavior of civil engineering materials.

CIVE 319 - Fluid Mechanics

Learn about incompressible fluid mechanics. Topics include the principles of continuity, momentum and energy, kinematics of flow and stream functions, potential flow, laminar motion, turbulence, and boundary-layer theory.

CIVE 361 - Transportation Engineering

Students learn about design, planning, operation, management, and maintenance of transportation systems. Topics include traffic flow models, capacity analysis, and safety.

CIVE 385 - Structural Analysis

Students analyze statically determinate and indeterminate beams, trusses, and rigid frames. Topics include deflections by virtual-work, moment-area, influence lines, force methods, and structural design loads.

CIVE 410 - Hydraulics and Water Resources

Study the nature of flow of a real fluid, open channel flow, flow in pipes, and fluid forces on objects. An introduction to reservoirs, dams, pipelines, channels, hydraulic machinery, ground water, and more.

CIVE 430 - Environmental Engineering

Students gain a fundamental understanding of environmental issues and sustainability. Topics include land use, energy efficiency, water use, indoor environmental quality, life cycle analysis, and construction waste disposal.

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