The B.S. in Nursing Program is designed to prepare a student to become a nurse generalist who can apply nursing knowledge and provide culturally sensitive care to clients from various socioeconomic backgrounds. The curriculum integrates general and professional education to prepare a professional nurse who is also a well-educated citizen.

Students are offered both pre-licensure and post-licensure concentrations, as well as an M.S. in nursing. The master’s program provides a seamless pathway to practice or research doctoral education for those interested in a doctoral degree.


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Emergency Room Nurse • Home Care Nurse • Hospice Nurse • Informatics Nurse • Labor and Delivery Nurse • Medical Writer • Nurse Educator • Nurse Midwife • Nutritionist • Public Health Nurse • School Nurse • Sonographer • Wellness Consultant


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Visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics to learn more about the outlook for your future career.


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Courses You Might Take

BIOL 230 - Introduction to Clinical Microbiology

An introduction to beneficial and harmful microorganisms that interact with humans. Basic laboratory practice in handling microorganisms, including techniques of identification and culture.

NURS 316 - Clinical Pathophysiology

This course focuses on mechanisms of disease, pathophysiologic concepts and processes with emphasis on commonly occurring acute and chronic conditions and their clinical management.

NURS 320 - Nursing Care of Adults I

A focus on nursing care delivery for adult individuals, their families, and communities who are experiencing acute and chronic illnesses.

NURS 361 - Health Promotion for Diverse Populations

A framework for exploration of health promotion principles and provides holistic approaches to prevention and maintenance of health and wellness for diverse populations.

HDEV 380 - Lifespan Human Development

Interdisciplinary methodologies, such as integrating sociocultural and biological perspectives, are examined and applied to understanding the human lifespan in interpersonal contexts.

NURS 412 - Pediatric Nursing

Gain essential knowledge in the design and delivery of care and integration of the growth and development principles, health promotion, disease prevention, and recuperative care to children with acute and chronic illnesses and their families.

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